Nardini Bianca

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Far and away, Italy's best selling premium grappa. Nardini Bianca remains unchallenged as the connoisseur's benchmark. Authentically high in strength, it fills the palate with an exciting sparkle, then - thanks to a fine balance and extraordinary distillation quality - surprises the drinker with a remarkably gentle follow through. It's not hard to appreciate why this grappa continues to be valued for its digestive capabilities as well as its excellent flavour.

The ideal temperature at which to serve Nardini Bianca is 8-10°C. Some prefer it chilled in the fridge or freezer and while this masks some of the 'sparkle', it can render the drink more accessible to anyone trying grappa on its own for the first time. Avoid serving neat grappa over ice; like other grape-based spirits, it doesn't blend in the glass the same way as whiskey or vodka.

Nose: Hints of jasmine tea, lemon and chocolate, with honey notes.

Palate: Full and intense with cinnamon spice, lemon zest, dark chocolate, honey and gingerbread.

Finish: Warm, with jasmint tea, gingerbread and lemon. 

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