Connemara Bog Oak Irish Single Malt

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A very limited run of just 1000 bottles in a new label marked 'Connoisseurs Collection'. 


This is a very special whiskey which had been partly matured in barrels with ends made out of bog oak. The barrels were laid on their sides to increase the influence of the bog oak. The malt used is very smoky, with around 80% of it being the same highly peated version used in the Connemara Turf Mor. The difference between this and other Connemara whiskey seems to be a slight taming of the smokiness with the addition of a fruity, marmalade-like character.


The whiskey comes packaged in a wooden box with a piece of the same bog oak used in the barrels ends.


Bottled at a natural cask strength of 57.5%.


Tasting Note:

Pale gold in colour with great viscosity. 

On the nose there are pungent smoke aromas, some hints of tarred rope, sea air, caramel and bananas.

Mouthfilling and chewy with a big delivery of smoke and a volcanic explosion of alcohol.

Once it mellows soft flavours of banana, mixed citrus peel and chocolate appear. The smoke persists all the way to the finish which is warming and very long lasting. 

€235.76 ex tax 700ml/57.5%
€289.99 inc tax

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