Drombeg Irish Liqueur

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Drombeg is Ireland’s oldest stone circle – a mystical ancient monument dating from as early as 980 BC.

Here, amidst the rolling hills of the beautiful West Cork countryside, Drombeg has withstood millennia of change to endure as a silent tribute to Ireland’s enigmatic past.
Borne from this rich heritage and tradition, Drombeg Premium Irish Spirit™ is distilled and matured not far from this mysterious yet stunning archaeological feature. Created using pure spring water and locally-sourced ingredients, we achieve an outstanding traditional taste.

Smooth, subtle and with a distinctive smoky flavour, Drombeg Oak Wood Matured Premium Irish Spirit™ is inspired by the legacy of West Cork’s historic surroundings. Expertly distilled and patiently matured using our unique Drombeg™ maturation process, Drombeg Premium Irish Spirit™ extols the very same characteristics as the remarkable Drombeg site – timeless and intriguing.




€14.79 ex tax 700ml/22%
€18.19 inc tax

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