Irishman Whiskey

Irishman Whiskey

The Irishman Irish Whiskey was created by Bernard & Rosemary Walsh who have successfully created the Hot Irishman Irish Coffee blend. Using their sources of whiskey supply for the Hot Irishman they remarkably secured a supply agreement for some aged Irish Whiskey. They aren't legally allowed to say which distillery they get their supply from for The Irishman 70 but you can use the clues contained in the whiskey descriptions to work it out. I must confess to being initially cynical when I heard ... more >>

Irishman 12 Year Old Single Malt

Irishman 12 Year Old Limited Edition Single Malt

An explosion of fruits on the nose, with hints of candyfloss, mixed citrus peel, pineapple and tangerine.... more >>
€56.90 ex tax 700ml/43%
€69.99 inc tax
Irishman Founders Reserve Irish Whiskey

Irishman Founders Reserve

A unique style based on 30% Pot Still and 70% malt whiskeys from a Cork distillery and Co Antrim Distillery. Slightly sweet and full bodied with flavours of spice, dried fruits and... more >>
€27.63 ex tax 70cl/40%
€33.99 inc tax
Irishman Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Irishman Single Malt

A triple distilled unpeated single malt that's distilled in County Antrim and aged for around 12 years in both bourbon and oloroso casks. The casks are hand picked by Bernard Walsh... more >>
€38.20 ex tax 70cl/40%
€46.99 inc tax
Irishman Whiskey Miniature Gift Pack

Irishman Whiskey Miniature Gift Pack

The Irishman Whiskey Gift Pack contains a miniature bottle of both the Irishman 70 and Irishman Single Malt plus a shot glass. Irishman Single Malt - Double Gold San Francisco Wor... more >>
€9.75 ex tax 2 x 5cl/40%
€11.99 inc tax

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