About Us

Celtic Whiskey Shop is Ireland's premier whiskey shop based in the heart of Dublin city centre. First opened in June 2003, it has become a mecca for whiskey lovers both in Ireland and abroad. Over the past ten and a half years, we have built strong ties with all the producers of Irish whiskey and regularly offer exclusive whiskeys, whiskey launches, tasting evenings and distillery trips. To receive regular updates please sign up for our newsletter. 


Celtic Whiskey Shop is owned and managed by Ally Alpine, who has almost 30 years experience in the trade, along with a very talented and friendly staff. They serve up in-store whiskey tastings all day, every day. They are equippied with a wealth of whiskey and drinks industry knowledge which they are only too happy to share. If you're travelling, our staff can either wrap your purchases in protective wrapping or arrange both national or International shipping. 

A shop of two halves: The shop divides into two sections, with 27 Dawson Street boasting the most comprehensive whiskey range in Ireland which includes Irish, Scotch, World Whiskies along with an impressive selection of exclusive, rare & collectible bottlings. On top of our fabulous whiskey range we have a superb selection of other spirits from around the world - Armagnacs to Grappas, Rums to Schnapps and plenty in between! The wine side of the store provides one of Ireland's most interesting and eclectic selections, over 95% of which we source directly from some of the world's best vineyards. 

Celtic Whiskey Shop has been awarded the prestigious honor of World's Best Single Outlet Whisky Retailer by Whiskey Magazine's Icon's of Whisky in 2017. This is the second year running that the company has been awarded the honour, as well as being awarded the title back in 2013. 

We work diligently with all Irish whiskey distilleries to select the finest Irish whiskeys for further ageing. Dealing directly with the cellars of some of the world's top wineries enables us to source our own high quality oak wine casks. Carefully marrying these whiskeys and casks results in some fabulous & unique releases, which we have named 'Celtic Cask'. The whiskey is only released once it has achieved the highest standards, and can be recognised as among the best Irish whiskey available. Celtic Cask's dedication to quality and phenomenal success and has been rewarded accordingly when named Non-Scottish Independent Bottler of the Year at the Independent Bottler's Challenge in 2015 and 2016, respectively.