Grappa is the most famous drink or the many types of 'pommace' brandy made in wine producing countries. Like Marc from France and Orujo from Spain it is made using the residue left over from the grapes after wine making. In Italy it is a fine art with careful consideration given to keeping the pommace fresh and making sure safe distillation is practised. The pommace is traditionally steamed in a bain marie type contraption to avoid any burning then very carefully distilled to ensure that no methanol is produced from the woody grape stems. Ageing is optional but not essenatial and is usually carried out is used wine barrels. Grappa is very much misunderstood and can be an acquired taste, but it makes one hell of an after dinner tipple.

Nardini Grappa 15 Year Old


A very smooth and intensely flavoured grappa. This has been carefully aged for 15 years in high qual..

€89.99 Ex Tax: €73.16

Nardini Grappa Bianca New In

Nardini Grappa Bianca


An intense and powerful grappa, bottled at 50%. This is great after a meal as a digestif, perhaps wi..

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Nardini Grappa Riserva New In

Nardini Grappa Riserva


A finely aged grappa which has been made from grape pomace sourced in the Veneto and Friuli regions ..

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Nardini Mandorla New In

Nardini Mandorla


A unique liqueur which is made using grappa as a base spirit and then flavoured with almond oil and ..

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