Cognac and Armagnac

Cognac and Armagnac are two distinct styles of brandy made in the regions immediately north and south of Bordeaux. Cognac grapes are mainly grown on chalky soils and the spirit is distilled twice in traditional 'Alembic' pot stills. In Armagnac the grapes grow mainly on sandy soils and distillation is done just once in a primitive column still. Generally speaking Cognac tends to be very smooth, floral and fruity while Armagnac is more earthy, powerful and robust. In older examples they can both be extremely good. Cognacs are labelled as VS (at least 2 years old), VSOP (4 years) and XO (6 years), with 'Napoleon' Cognacs falling somewhere in between VSOP and XO. Armagnacs also use the same labelling with VS meaning 2 years ageing but VSOP designating 5 years and XO 6 years. Vintage bottlings are very common for Armagnacs with the year denoting the time of harvest, we usually have a wide range of these in stock and they make great gifts.
Armagnac 1975 Delord New In

Armagnac 1975 Delord

70 cl

Distilled in 1975 and aged for almost 40 years before being bottled in early 2013. This is a rich..

€146.99 Ex Tax: €119.50

Cognac Park 1973 Vintage

70 cl

This is a great vintage Cognac from the Petite Champagne area within the region. Very limited, wi..

€359.99 Ex Tax: €292.67

Cognac Park Borderies

70 cl

A delightfuly Cognac that conveniently bridges the mid ground between a VSOP and an XO in style. Thi..

€52.99 Ex Tax: €43.08

Cognac Park Extra Grande Champagne XO New In

Cognac Park Extra Grande Champagne XO


This XO Extra cognac displays incredibly complex aromas of coconut, passion fruit and nutmeg. C..

€159.99 Ex Tax: €130.07

Cognac Park Petit Champagne 1972 Vintage New In

Cognac Park Petit Champagne 1972 Vintage

70 cl

This is a superb vintage Cognac that has been distilled from eau-de-vie sourced in the Petit Cham..

€369.99 Ex Tax: €300.80

Cognac Park Petite Champange Chai No. 8 21 Year Old

70 cl

This Cognac was chosen to represent a single area of Cognac and show how the delicate flavours ch..

€164.99 Ex Tax: €134.14

Cognac Park VS New In

Cognac Park VS


A young Cognac that is good for drinking straight up but also makes a top quality base for cocktails..

€36.99 Ex Tax: €30.07

Cognac Park VSOP New In

Cognac Park VSOP

70 cl

A wonderfully smooth yet complex Cognac from Park. This offers great value for money when compare..

€45.99 Ex Tax: €37.39

Cognac Park XO New In

Cognac Park XO

70 cl

One of our best selling Cognacs and possibly the best value XO in Ireland. The Park XO has lots of f..

€84.99 Ex Tax: €69.10

Delord Bas Armagnac 15 Year-Old

70 cl

A perfectly aged Armagnac with rich spicy flavours of prune, oak, leather and cinnamon. Extremely..

€68.99 Ex Tax: €56.09

Delord Bas Armagnac 25 Year-Old

70 cl

Delord 25 years old is elegant on the nose with peppery and spicy notes, it is in the mouth that thi..

€85.99 Ex Tax: €69.91

Delord Bas Armagnac Napoleon

70 cl

The Napoleon Delord is a fruit driven, but spicy flavoured Armagnac that offers great value for m..

€39.99 Ex Tax: €32.51

Delord Bas Armagnac XO Premium New In

Delord Bas Armagnac XO Premium


A special edition Armagnac that far exceeds the required age for an XO. The brandies used for the De..

€114.99 Ex Tax: €93.49

Delord Fine Armagnac New In

Delord Fine Armagnac

70 cl

This is a great value Armagnac that has been aged in oak for a minimum of two years. Very versati..

€32.99 Ex Tax: €26.82

Domaine du Buisson Reserve New In

Domaine du Buisson Reserve

70 cl

One of the best value brandies in the shop. This small company quietly makes award winning Cognacs t..

€57.99 Ex Tax: €47.15

Francois Voyer Extra Grande Champagne New In

Francois Voyer Extra Grande Champagne

This Cognac is made from the very best of the Grande Champagne terroir making it the best of the ..

€211.99 Ex Tax: €172.35