We stock a huge range of liqueurs with just about every fruit or herb flavour you can imagine. Gabriel Boudier supplies our core range which is supplimented by some popular, well known brands. If you do not see what you are looking for here then please get in touch. We may be able to source it for you.

Glayva 70cl


Glayva aptly takes its name from the Gaelic 'Gle Mhath' which means very good. This is a del..

€42.99 Ex Tax: €34.95

Black Twist


A brand new spirit drink which has caught our attention at Celtic Whiskey Shop. Black Twist mixs two..

€41.99 Ex Tax: €34.14

Nardini Rosso Liqueur


Based on neutral spirit, this red aperitivo has been infused with bitter and sweet orange, gentian r..

€41.95 Ex Tax: €34.10

Nardini Bitter Liqueur


An Aperitivo consisting of orange, rhubarb and herbs mixed together.  ..

€41.95 Ex Tax: €34.10

Patron Citronge Liqueur


An orange liqueur created by renowned tequila producers, Patron. A great replacement for triple sec ..

€41.00 Ex Tax: €33.34

Dolin Genepy Liqueur 45% 75cl New In

Dolin Genepy Liqueur 45% 75cl


A legendary alpine liqueur that is made using small wormwood or Mountain Sage as it is commonly know..

€41.00 Ex Tax: €33.33

Drambuie Whisky Liqueur


A Scottish whisky liqueur that has been created using aged Scotch whiskies, heather honey and some s..

€40.95 Ex Tax: €33.30

Amaro Nonino Quintessentia


The Amaro Nonino Quintessentia has been made from herbs and grape eaux-de-vie before being aged in&n..

€40.00 Ex Tax: €32.52

Krupnik Honey Liqueur


This Krupnik hails from Poland and this style of spirit/liqueur is very popular in Eastern Europe. I..

€39.99 Ex Tax: €32.51

Killowen Gloria Cask Aged Coffee Liqueur New In

Killowen Gloria Cask Aged Coffee Liqueur


A first for the Killowen distillery, the Killowen Gloria is a marriage of rich natural coffee e..

€39.95 Ex Tax: €32.48

Choya Royal Honey Umeshu 70cl New In

Choya Royal Honey Umeshu 70cl


A traditional Umeshu liqueur made with Ume plums. For this variety the sweetness comes from honey an..

€39.00 Ex Tax: €31.71

The Wild Geese Irish Honey Liqueur


A liqueur made from a closely guarded secret recipe. All we know is that it contains Irish honey! ..

€38.99 Ex Tax: €31.70

Nusbaumer Liqueur De Williams (Williams Pear)


One of the more iconic in the Nussbaumer liqueur range, this is made using fruit and Williams pear b..

€38.50 Ex Tax: €31.30

Nusbaumer Liqueur De Mirabelle (Mirabelle Plum)


Crafted using two varieties of fruits from orchards in Lorraine, this utilises the Mirabelle de Nanc..

€38.50 Ex Tax: €31.30

Nusbaumer Framboise De Bois


Raspberry brandy is obtained by maceration of fresh fruit in neutral alcohol (at Nusbaumer, wine bra..

€38.50 Ex Tax: €31.30

St Germain Elderflower Liqueur 50cl


An award-winning liqueur that has been created using hand picked elderflower blossoms. Beautiful ove..

€38.00 Ex Tax: €30.90