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Rio Grande Silver Tequila


Produced by Destileria Leyros, this tequila captures the landscape or Rio Grande. It makes the perfe..

€22.99 Ex Tax: €19.00

Remy Martin VSOP Cognac


Eaux-de-vie comes from two high quality vineyards for the Remy Martin VSOP; the Grande Champagne and..

€55.00 Ex Tax: €45.45

Remy Martin 1738 New In

Remy Martin 1738


Remy Martin 1738 is exceptionally well rounded with a decadent, creamy aftertaste. Expect concentrat..

€65.00 Ex Tax: €53.72

Red Leg Spiced Rum


Blending delicious rums from the Caribbean, the rum is then left to age in oak barrels along wi..

€33.95 Ex Tax: €28.06

Ravenrock Irish Gin New In

Ravenrock Irish Gin


Ravenrock is a new premium Irish Distilled Gin that is refreshingly surprising in more ways than one..

€39.99 Ex Tax: €33.05

Pussers 50th Anniversary Celebration Rum New In

Pussers 50th Anniversary Celebration Rum


On the 31st of July, 1970, the Admiralty of the Royal Navy ended the daily issue of rum to Ships&rsq..

€61.98 Ex Tax: €51.22

Pusser's Gunpowder Rum New In

Pusser's Gunpowder Rum


Gunpowder proof refers to the "Pusser" who would dispel any claims from the sailors of&nbs..

€51.50 Ex Tax: €42.56

Pusser's 15 Year Old Rum New In

Pusser's 15 Year Old Rum


Known by Forbes Magazine as a 'Single Malt Rum', the Pusser's 15 Year Old has been made ..

€86.57 Ex Tax: €71.54

Portobello Road No. 171 Gin


This was formulated by a group of gin experts at the Ginstitute in The Portobello Star bar. After ta..

€40.99 Ex Tax: €33.88

Plymouth Sloe Gin


Sloe gin is usually considered a 'winter warmer'. It is a long standing tradition of the Bri..

€43.99 Ex Tax: €36.36

Plymouth Navy Strength Gin


Many people's gin of choice, plymouth navy strength gin's 57% ABV increases the fragrance of..

€64.92 Ex Tax: €53.65

Plymouth Gin


Plymouth Original Strength is a unique, protected style of gin originating from the city of Plymouth..

€34.99 Ex Tax: €28.92

Pinky Botanical Vodka


Pinky Vodka first launched globally in 2008, it instantly became famous for its instantly recognisab..

€55.08 Ex Tax: €45.52

Pincer Vodka


Infused with wild elderflower and milk thistle, Pincer is a smooth and herbaceous vodka from Scotlan..

€41.31 Ex Tax: €34.14

Pickerings Gin Baubles 6 Pack

50ml per Bauble

A must for all gin fans across the country and undoubtedly the most wanted Christmas tree decor..

€38.00 Ex Tax: €31.41

Patron XO Cafe Incendio 5cl New In

Patron XO Cafe Incendio 5cl


This is a 5cl bottle of Patron XO Cafe Incendio. The Patron XO Cafe Incendio contains a un..

€6.00 Ex Tax: €4.96