Feudi del Pisciotto

Feudi del Pisciotto is a winery both old and new in origin, producing wines of the highest quality in the heart of Sicily. It is located between Piazza Armerina and Caltagirone, approximately 7 km from the sea. The winemaking is entrusted to Alessandro Cellai (who is also wine maker and managing director of the Tuscan estates of Castellare di Castellina and Rocca di Frassinello). Paolo Panerai, who chairs the company and is also head of Castellare and Rocca di Frassinello, wanted to unite these wines with the maximum definition of 'Made in Italy' itself: fashion design. With a view to this, Panerai invited top Italian designers to participate in the launch of these great Sicilian wines, part of the annual proceeds of which will be donated to the restoration of a work of art, chosen from amongst the island's great wealth of treasures. This proposal has resulted in labels designed by Valentino, Versace, Missoni, Alberta Ferretti and Carolina Marengo.

Inzolia Cattarratto Baglio Del Sole


A 50/50 blend of inzolia and catarratto grapes from the Sicilian producer Feudi del Pisciotto. ..

€16.50 Ex Tax: €13.41

Feudi di San Gregorio Fiano di Avellino


This Fiano grape is aged for around 4 months in stainless steel. Fiano di Avellino is sharply resona..

€22.00 Ex Tax: €17.89

Feudi del Pisciotto Versace Nero D'Avola

75 cl

Only the finest Nero D'Avola grapes are picked for this production. This is an intense full bodi..

€27.00 Ex Tax: €21.95

Feudi del Pisciotto Passito Gianfranco Ferre 37.5cl 2009

75 cl

Gewürztraminer and sémillon combine here to create a wine which is truly unique for Sicily. The i..

€29.99 Ex Tax: €24.38

Feudi del Pisciotto Missoni Cabernet Sauvignon


A superb IGT wine from Feudi del Pisciotto. Located inside the triangle created by Piazza Almer..

€30.00 Ex Tax: €24.39

Feudi del Pisciotto L'Eterno Pinot Noir 2011

75 cl

The idea for this 100% Pinot Noir came from a suggestion by Giacomo Tachis (Father of modern Ital..

€49.99 Ex Tax: €40.64

Feudi del Pisciotto Grillo Carolina Marengo 2010

75 cl

Grillo is perhaps the least known of the Sicilian varieties, though is no way inferior to those m..

€23.99 Ex Tax: €19.50

Feudi del Pisciotto Giambattista Valli

75 cl

Cerasuolo di Vittoria is the only DOCG of Sicily. From here we get a lovely full flavoured wine made..

€25.99 Ex Tax: €21.13

Feudi del Pisciotto Baglio del Sole Nero D'Avola

75 cl

Nero D'Avola is Sicily's native grape variety. For many years it was considered too syrupy a..

€16.00 Ex Tax: €13.01

Feudi del Pisciotto Baglio del Sole Merlot Syrah

75 cl

Two famous international varietals, Merlot and Syrah marry together perfectly on Sicilian soil. Aged..

€17.00 Ex Tax: €13.82