Bodegas Baron

Situated in Sanlucar de Barramdea, the company was founded in 1895 with the purchase of some old soleras from the almacenista of Anselmo Paz. They currently have around 10,000 barrels in their warehouse and own 140 hectares of vines. The barrels transend over 20 generation of different families who have worked with the soleras.Mr. José Rodriguez worked diligently to raise the profile and quality of the brands when he became in charge of the operation. Nowadays, bodegas baron is still working very hard in order for their oldest wines to be tasted by the best sommeliers and wine experts, in order to get a full recognition worldwide. Both José and Juan Luis Rodriguez Carrasco, sons of Mr. josé Rodriguez took over the management of the cellar when Mr. José died and are doing their outmost to reach this new emerging new generation twho once again appreciate Sherry and its fine taste.