Fortified Wine

We consider ourselves the best Irish importer of fortified wine and we currently stock some great Port, some of the world's finest Sherry and Madeira and a superb selection of rarely seen wines such as Malaga, Marsala and Banyuls.

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Fortified Wine

Bodegas Tradicion Platinum Solera Gran Reserva


An amazing Spanish brandy that is comprised of aged spirits over 50 years old. Entirely distilled fr..

€289.99 Ex Tax: €235.76

Caldas Ruby Special Reserve

75 cl

Reserve Ruby Port type with significantly more depth than a standard ruby. Great dark cherry frui..

€21.99 Ex Tax: €17.88

Caldas Tawny Special Reserve

75 cl

A wonderful Tawny from vines more than 60 years old. Oak aged for 8 years. ..

€22.99 Ex Tax: €18.69

Caldas White Port

75 cl

Vinified like a red port, fermenting with the skins for 3-4 days, to extract more flavours and richn..

€22.50 Ex Tax: €18.29

Casa del Inca Pedro Ximenez 2011

75 cl

The very thin skin of the Pedro Ximénez variety favors the fast dehydration of the ..

€33.99 Ex Tax: €27.63

Emilio Hidalgo Pedro Ximenez 50cl


This is a very fine sweet sherry from Emilio Hidalgo. Classic Pedro Ximenez with lots of residual su..

€19.99 Ex Tax: €16.25

Equipo Navazos La Bota 55 Manzanilla

A bone dry Manzanilla made with the classic Palomino Fino grape. This has the classic saline and gre..

€30.99 Ex Tax: €25.20

Equipo Navazos La Bota 60 de Manzanilla Pasada Bota Punta


This is a very special wine that takes the astonishing quality of the previous releases (editio..

€65.00 Ex Tax: €52.84

Equipo Navazos La Bota 68 de Fino Machurnado Alto


La Bota de Fino 68 “Macharnudo Alto” was made in June 2016 from the same batch of casks ..

€36.99 Ex Tax: €30.07

Equipo Navazos La Bota de Amontillado no. 37

75 cl

An extremely delicious dry Amontillado from Equipo Navazos. Sourced from Bodega Hijos de Rainera P&e..

€52.00 Ex Tax: €42.28

Equipo Navazos La Bota De Manzanilla Pasada 50

50 cl

The real average age of this wine must be around 15 years. It is a complex and powerful wine, of bal..

€59.00 Ex Tax: €47.97

Equipo Navazos La Bota de Oloroso no 46

75 cl

La Bota de Oloroso 46 "Montilla" is a selection of casks from the Solera Diógenes, ..

€52.00 Ex Tax: €42.28

Equipo Navazos La Bota de Palo Cortado no 41

37.5 cl

Quantities for this release are tiny, as it stands with some of the best wines in the world. It..

€90.00 Ex Tax: €73.17

Equipo Navazos La Bota de Palo Cortado no 47

37.5 cl

Gaspar Florido kept in his cellars an amazingly old wine. I was older than he was. A true gem of a w..

€92.00 Ex Tax: €74.80