Beefeater 24 London Dry Gin

70 cl

  • €48.90
Beefeater 24 London Dry Gin
Tasting Notes from Celtic Whiskey Shop and Wines on the Green
Nose Beefeater contains many natural ingredients like Japanese Sencha tea, Chinese green Tea, citrus peel, juniper, coriander seed, liquorice, angelica root, angelica seed and almond. These contribute strongly to the aroma.
Palate Very well balanced flavours on the palate, this is a soft modern style of gin excellent for cocktails!
Colour Clear
Fact Sheet
Fluid 70 cl
Alcohol % 45
Making Techniques All Botanicals are first steeped for 24 hours. After steeping, the liquid is distilled in a copper pot still. From this, we take “a cut” from the middle that is perfectly balanced. This cut is expertly judged by nose, making sure that we do not take the beginning part of the distillate which is too weak in taste, or the end which is too bitter because of the tannins from the teas. This is all expertly judged by nose as no computers are used in this process.
Producer Pernod Ricard
Awards and/or Press Quotes
Asian Spirits Masters Gold Medal
The Gin Masters 2011 Gold Medal