Irish Craft Beers

In the space of just a few years Ireland has gone from having just a few craft breweries to several dozen and the number is increasing all the time. Whether you are looking for a classic stout, an American style IPA or something exotic like a rye, or whiskey barrel aged beer we now have it all. Vive la difference!

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Irish Craft Beers

Celtic Ard Rí Dó New In

Celtic Ard Rí Dó


Our own whiskey barrel aged Irish ale, in collaboration to the wonderful crew at 5 Lamps Brewery. A ..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.24

Five Lamps Lager

33 cl

The 5 lamps Dublin lager is a traditional Czech style pilsner. And while it is considered traditi..

€2.49 Ex Tax: €2.02

Galway Hooker

50 cl

This beer has many qualities that would usually be associated a pale ale but has the added taste ..

€3.29 Ex Tax: €2.67

Galway Hooker Irish Stout

50 cl

A stout from the Galway Hooker Brewery in the newly built  Oranmore Distillery, Co. Galway. ..

€3.49 Ex Tax: €2.84

Mac Ivor Dry Cider


According the the Mac Ivors team this Dry Cider is inspired by the aromatic ciders of Northern Franc..

€4.50 Ex Tax: €3.66

Mac Ivors Medium Cider


This cider is maade in County Armagh in the the north of Ireland. The light, fresh and fruity&n..

€4.50 Ex Tax: €3.66

O'Hara's Irish Pale Ale

50 cl

A contemporary style IPA with an Irish twist. Combining the balance of European IPAs with the gen..

€3.79 Ex Tax: €3.08

Porterhouse Red Ale

33 cl

A spectacular red ale from the Porterhouse craft brewery. It is considered by them to be a ‘fruit..

€2.09 Ex Tax: €1.70

White Hag Bran & Sceolan IPA

33 cl

Truly excellent IPA which marries traditional IPA methods with Irish ingredients. ..

€3.69 Ex Tax: €3.00

White Hag Fionnabhair Wit Beer

33 cl

Interesting wheat beer. This style of beer originates in Belgium. It often has a cloudy appearanc..

€2.79 Ex Tax: €2.27

Boyne Brewhouse Imperial Stout New In

Boyne Brewhouse Imperial Stout


An award-winning barrel-aged Imperial stout from the Boyne Brewhouse in Co.Meath. A complex beer wit..

€4.20 Ex Tax: €3.41

Dingle Dark Star Ale New In

Dingle Dark Star Ale


Porterhouse's Dingle Dark Star Ale has been barrel aged in Dingle Whiskey casks for six months. ..

€4.95 Ex Tax: €4.02