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Antique Brass Double Jigger Measure 25/35/50ml NGS (3182)

An antique brass effect double jigger. This attactive spirits measure has marks for 25ml, 35ml and 5..

€9.30 Ex Tax: €7.56

Delord Bas Armagnac 25 Year Old

Delord 25 years old is elegant on the nose with peppery and spicy notes, it is in the mouth that thi..

€90.00 Ex Tax: €73.17

Gabriel Boudier Curacao Bleu 25% 50cl New In

Gabriel Boudier Curacao Bleu 25% 50cl

The iconic and unique blue coloured orange curacao liqueur. Made from specially sourced bitter orang..

€22.50 Ex Tax: €18.29

Glendalough 25 Year Old

The first Irish Single Malt to be aged in Irish Oak — the Glendalough 25 Year Old. This limite..

€420.00 Ex Tax: €341.46

Glengoyne 25 Year Old

The 25 year old is one of the newest releases from Glengoyne and it has had some great reviews. This..

€454.00 Ex Tax: €369.11

Metal Straws 8.5 Inch Pack 25 (3869) New In

Metal Straws 8.5 Inch Pack 25 (3869)

Hygenic, dishwasher safe and environmentally friendly. These metal straws come with the added bonus ..

€22.10 Ex Tax: €17.97

sTABLEizer Table Wedges 25 Pack (3908) New In

sTABLEizer Table Wedges 25 Pack (3908)

A remedy for those annoyingly wobbly tables that just wont stay still. These handy wedges are specif..

€7.80 Ex Tax: €6.34

Steel Banded Measure 25/50/35ml NGS (3179)

A double sided steel jigger with measures for 25ml, 35ml and 50ml. Attractive and easy to use. This ..

€5.40 Ex Tax: €4.39

Steel Jigger Measure 25/50ml NGS (3178)

A non government stamped jigger measure that is ideal for cocktail bars and home use. 25ml on one si..

€2.00 Ex Tax: €1.62

Steel Mezclar Precision Multi-Measure NGS (3180)

A very attactive multi measure double jigger. This gold banded measure has 5ml increments marked on ..

€16.70 Ex Tax: €13.58

Steel Thimble Measure 250ml CE Graded (3193)

A CE graded thimble measure for 250ml. These are made from high grade stainless steel in the UK and ..

€8.30 Ex Tax: €6.75

Steel Thimble Measure 25ml CE Graded (3175)

This CE marked thimble measure is approved for use with whiskey, rum, gin and vodka. 25ml capacity, ..

€2.00 Ex Tax: €1.62

Arran 25 Year Old Single Malt New In

Arran 25 Year Old Single Malt

A landmark release for the Arran distillery. As one of the first of the new breed of Scottish distil..

€325.00 Ex Tax: €264.23

Balvenie 25 Year Old triple Cask 70cl

The top whisky in the core range of Balvenie single malts. As the name suggests this is matured in t..

€550.00 Ex Tax: €447.15

Benriach 25 Year Old

This is the new benchmark expression of Benriach 25 Year Old. Aged in a perfect mix of ex-Sherry, Bo..

€221.99 Ex Tax: €180.48

BenRiach 25 Year-Old Authenticus

A superb, smoky and complex version of Benriach which is part of their heavily peated series of sing..

€238.99 Ex Tax: €194.30