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Bittermens Krupnik Honey Tea Bitters

A slightly herbaceous bitters which is named after the popular Belarusian drink, Krupnik.  ..

€17.00 Ex Tax: €13.82

Bunratty Mead 70cl

This is a medium-sweet mead made from an ancient Irish recipe which includes ingredients of vine fru..

€19.00 Ex Tax: €15.45

Choya Extra Umeshu 3-Pack 3x50ml New In

Choya Extra Umeshu 3-Pack 3x50ml

A nifty little gift pack that contains a 50m of each of the Choya Extra Years, Extra Shisu and Royal..

€9.50 Ex Tax: €7.72

Choya Royal Honey Umeshu 70cl New In

Choya Royal Honey Umeshu 70cl

A traditional Umeshu liqueur made with Ume plums. For this variety the sweetness comes from honey an..

€39.00 Ex Tax: €31.71

Edinburgh Bramble and Honey Gin

A luxurious expression bursting with aromas of dark berry with decadent honey on the palate, evoking..

€44.00 Ex Tax: €35.77

Jack Daniels Honey Liqueur

A blend of Jack Daniels Old No7 whiskey with some spiced honey liqueur. This has sweet, fruity and s..

€34.99 Ex Tax: €28.45

Kinsale Atlantic Dry Mead

Kinsale Mead is a new, light and refreshing drink, handcrafted in small batches in Kinsale using nat..

€23.95 Ex Tax: €19.47

Kinsale Hazy Summer Mead

A welcome addition to the Kinsale Mead range, the Kinsale Hazy Summer Mead. Kinsale Mead is handcraf..

€23.95 Ex Tax: €19.47

Kinsale Mead Tasting Set

A tasting trio of Kinsale Mead which includes the Atlantic Dry Mead, the Wild Red Mead & Hazy Su..

€20.00 Ex Tax: €16.26

Kinsale Wild Red Mead

Wild Red Mead is a melomel style mead made from cherries, Wexford blackcurrants, Span..

€23.95 Ex Tax: €19.47

Old Carrick Mill Honey Dew Gin Limited Edition New In

Old Carrick Mill Honey Dew Gin Limited Edition

Monaghan based Old Carrick Mill Distillery have announced the release of their first limited edition..

€40.00 Ex Tax: €32.52

Skelligs Irish Honey Bar 75g New In

Skelligs Irish Honey Bar 75g

A creamy milk chocolate laced with pure Irish honey for when you want to include in some lingering s..

€3.50 Ex Tax: €2.85

The Whistler Irish Honey Whiskey

The Whistler Irish Honey Whiskey was a natural collaboration between the Cooney family beekeepe..

€32.95 Ex Tax: €26.79

Arbikie AK's Gin

AK’S Gin’ is distilled using fresh honey and wheat farmed at Arbikie, with Black Pepper,..

€20.00 Ex Tax: €16.26

Celtic Honey Liqueur

The new name for 'Celtic Crossing', this is exactly the same product only with a more up to ..

€24.99 Ex Tax: €20.31

Jim Beam Honey

All the flavours we know and love from Jim Beam now infused with real golden honey and liq..

€34.99 Ex Tax: €28.45