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Barbeito 30 Year Old Vo Vera Malvasia Madeira

A fantastic racy and vibrant Malvasia from Barbeito. This is a blend of 30 to 70 year old wines that..

€320.00 Ex Tax: €260.16

Barbeito Malvasia 20 Year-Old Lote 12089

An incredible blend of old and young wines from Barbeitos many wonderful casks. Full-bodied yet with..

€100.00 Ex Tax: €81.30

Barbeito Malvasia 2003 New In

Barbeito Malvasia 2003

A fantastic release from Portugal's Vinho Barbeito. Soft caramel aroma mixed with candied yellow..

€46.00 Ex Tax: €37.40

Barbeito Malvasia 40 Year Old 75cl Vinho do Reitor

A gloriously rich and complex Malvasia that has been produced in honour of Angelo Augusto da Silva.&..

€305.00 Ex Tax: €247.97

Barbeito Malvasia Candida 1996 New In

Barbeito Malvasia Candida 1996

A highly sought-after Madeira wine from the iconic Barbeito. This release is the second control..

€321.50 Ex Tax: €261.38

Barbeito Malvasia Old Reserve 10 Year-Old

An excellent Sweet Madeira Wine produced by the Malvasia variety and aged for 10 years in French oak..

€39.99 Ex Tax: €32.51

Bibbiano Bibbianaccio IGT Toscana Rosso 75cl New In

Bibbiano Bibbianaccio IGT Toscana Rosso 75cl

The Bibbianaccio is a very intriguing blend of Sangiovese and Colorino, and the white..

€108.00 Ex Tax: €87.80

Quinta Da Gaivosa Branco Da Gaivosa New In

Quinta Da Gaivosa Branco Da Gaivosa

This is a wine produced from old Douro grape varieties such as Malvasia Fina, Gouveio and Viosinho.&..

€17.95 Ex Tax: €14.59

Barbeito 50 Year Old Japones Malvasia New In

Barbeito 50 Year Old Japones Malvasia

A fabulous Madeira wine dedicated to Mr. Yasuhiro Kinoshita, who played a key role in Barbeito. This..

€540.00 Ex Tax: €439.02

Barbeito Malvasia 2005 50cl

The Barbeito Malvasia 2005 has a good concentration of aromas with initial sweetness in the mouth th..

€42.00 Ex Tax: €34.14

Barbeito Malvasia Reserva 5 Year-Old

Malvasia aged in French oak casks for over 5 years by Canteiro method. Lightly caramelized on the pa..

€13.00 Ex Tax: €10.57

Barbeito Malvasia 2000 500ml

A single harvest Malvasia which has all the hallmark characteristics of the best Madeiras. The wines..

€38.95 Ex Tax: €31.66