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Boatyard Vodka

An Irish vodka made from carefully selected Irish wheat, Boatyard pride their ability to trace ingre..

€44.00 Ex Tax: €35.77

Cariel Vanilla Vodka

Cariel is a Swedish wheat vodka that has been flavoured with natural vanilla. Possibly the best vani..

€38.00 Ex Tax: €30.90

Chopin Potato Vodka

A classic Polish potato vodka. This has the hallmark creaminess you would expect from a potato vodka..

€46.95 Ex Tax: €38.17

Chopin Wheat Vodka

A welcome addition to the single ingredient line of vodkas from Chopin. Like the same suggests ..

€43.00 Ex Tax: €34.96

Ciroc Vodka

Distilled from French grapes, Ciroc Vodka is incredibly smooth with the added bonus of being Gluten ..

€52.99 Ex Tax: €43.08

Crystal Head Vodka 70cl

Not just a gimmicky, well packaged vodka- this is also very, very good. The unique ingredients are p..

€65.00 Ex Tax: €52.85

Dingle Vodka

A great tasting smooth vodka that is distilled at the Dingle Distillery in County Kerry. One of..

€32.00 Ex Tax: €26.02

Eiko Japanese Vodka 70cl New In

Eiko Japanese Vodka 70cl

Distilled using the unmatchable water on Hokkaido island, this fantastic vodka is three times distil..

€38.00 Ex Tax: €30.89

Feckin Unbelievable Irish Vodka

A light and neutral tasting vodka from the good people at Echlinville Distillery. Great for cocktail..

€30.00 Ex Tax: €24.39

Grey Goose Vodka

Each batch of Grey Goose vodka begins with soft winter wheat grown on farms in and around the fertil..

€57.00 Ex Tax: €46.34

Highbank Vodka

An organic apple vodka from Highbank. Locally grown apples in Kilkenny are used for this cockta..

€62.99 Ex Tax: €51.21

Istil 38 Blue New In

Istil 38 Blue

A crisp, clean vodka from Ireland's Istil 38! This vodka undergoes a carefully re..

€38.00 Ex Tax: €30.89

Istil 38 Pink New In

Istil 38 Pink

Distilled from 100% wheat in an energy-efficient copper pot still. Flavoured with a mixtur..

€40.00 Ex Tax: €32.52

Istil 38 Vanilla New In

Istil 38 Vanilla

Distilled from 100% wheat in an energy-efficient copper pot still. This vodka undergoes disti..

€40.00 Ex Tax: €32.52

JJ Whitley Rhubarb Vodka

A vodka that has been flavoured with natural rhubarb, delicious in cocktails.  ..

€27.95 Ex Tax: €22.72

Kalak Irish Vodka

Named after the Celtic Queen of Winter, Kalak. This is an Irish made vodka that was distilled from m..

€48.00 Ex Tax: €39.02