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Bacardi Cuatro Anejo 70cl

A special addition Bacardi that has been aged for 4 years in oak casks. This sits in between the Bac..

€42.95 Ex Tax: €34.92

Choya Aged Three Years Umeshu New In

Choya Aged Three Years Umeshu

Made using ther Japanese Ume fruit which is similar to plum, this classic drink has been aged f..

€45.00 Ex Tax: €36.59

Choya Extra Umeshu 3-Pack 3x50ml New In

Choya Extra Umeshu 3-Pack 3x50ml

A nifty little gift pack that contains a 50m of each of the Choya Extra Years, Extra Shisu and Royal..

€9.50 Ex Tax: €7.72

Choya Extra Years 70cl New In

Choya Extra Years 70cl

A premium Umeshu that has been made using the best available Ume fruit. The fruit is macerated in al..

€28.00 Ex Tax: €22.76

Midleton Very Rare 2022 New In

Midleton Very Rare 2022

Dubbed ‘the pinnacle of Irish whiskey’, Midleton has released its latest offer..

€200.00 Ex Tax: €162.60

Redbreast Birdcage New In

Redbreast Birdcage

In partnership with Birdlife International, Redbreast have released the Limited Edition Pr..

€72.00 Ex Tax: €58.54

Balblair Cadenhead Bottling 18 Years Old

When this was distilled in 1965 the Balblair was independently owned and operated by Robert Cumming ..

€795.00 Ex Tax: €646.34

Bushmills 1608 Millennium Reserve 12 Years Old

This special edition release of Bushmills was released as a limited edition for the millennium and i..

€290.00 Ex Tax: €235.77

Goslings Gold Rum

This Bermuda rum is five years old and is a blend of pot and continuous still spirits. ..

€27.99 Ex Tax: €22.76

John Jameson Vat 10 P. O'Malley

This is an interesting old John Jameson whiskey that has been bottled by Limerick trader P O'Mal..

€650.00 Ex Tax: €528.45

Linkwood John McEwan & Co. Bottling Over 12 Years 1980s

 Linkwood over 12 years old made especially for John Mcewan & Co. Ltd.  ..

€250.00 Ex Tax: €203.25