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Listoke 1777 Irish Small Batch Gin

The first release from Listoke Distillery in Co. Louth. Combines a fabulous range of traditional bot..

€35.00 Ex Tax: €28.46

Lot No. 40 Rye Whiskey

A small-batch Canadian blend of fine rye whiskies distilled in a small copper pot still. Robust and ..

€40.00 Ex Tax: €32.52

Lysholm Linie Aquavit

A unique spirit made in Norway. Linie aquavit differs to Danish akvavit by having a maturation perio..

€50.99 Ex Tax: €41.45

Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark is a leading premium Bourbon smooth and sweet with hints of vanilla, toffee and o..

€48.00 Ex Tax: €39.02

Matt D'arcy 10 Year Old Port Finish (No Box)

The award winning Matt D'Arcy 10 Year Old finished in port casks without the original gift box. ..

€55.00 Ex Tax: €44.72

Matt D'Arcy's 10 Year Old Port Finish

The first blended Irish Whiskey to be released in over a century by Matt D'Arcy & Co. Ltd, a..

€85.00 Ex Tax: €69.11

Matt D'Arcy's Irish Whiskey New In

Matt D'Arcy's Irish Whiskey

D'Arcy's Irish Whiskey pays homage to the legacy of Matt D’Arcy and the long history o..

€40.00 Ex Tax: €32.52

Matusalem 10 Year Old Rum

This 10 year old golden rum has been distilled in continuous stills and matured using the solera sys..

€42.00 Ex Tax: €34.14

Matusalem 23 Year Old Gran Reserva Rum

A rich, warming rum perfect for a cold winter's day. This rum has been aged in a traditional sol..

€73.00 Ex Tax: €59.35

Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 Year Old Rum

A very premium rum that was first produced in Santiago de Cuba 130 years ago. This rum has been matu..

€48.00 Ex Tax: €39.02

May Loag Small Batch Peated Whiskey New In

May Loag Small Batch Peated Whiskey

The team at the Old Carrick Mill Distillery have created a small batch blended whiskey which is comp..

€40.00 Ex Tax: €32.52

Metal Spout for Bitters Bottle - Silver (3059)

A chrome plated pourer for use on bitters bottles. Seal is made from cork as seen in the image. ..

€4.10 Ex Tax: €3.34

Method & Madness Single Pot Still Batch 2

Batch 2 of this special Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey has been matured in a combination of ex-oloro..

€75.00 Ex Tax: €60.98

Michter's US1 Small Batch Bourbon

 Michter's small-batch bourbon is named after a former 'oldest distillery in the USA..

€74.00 Ex Tax: €60.16

Micil Inverin Small Batch Irish Whiskey New In

Micil Inverin Small Batch Irish Whiskey

A five-part peated blend with a triple cask finish. Inspired by Micil’s rich distilling herita..

€45.00 Ex Tax: €36.59

Monin Grenadine Syrup 70cl

One of the most popular syrups in Monin's lineup. Grenadine was originally inspired by..

€8.50 Ex Tax: €6.91