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Bar Blade Leather Holster (3536H)

A real leather holster that will hold a bar blade and other cocktail essentials such as a corksrew a..

€20.00 Ex Tax: €16.26

Beara Ocean Gin

From the Beara Distillery located in West Cork on the Beara Penninsula. This gin uses local botanica..

€52.95 Ex Tax: €43.05

Bertha's Revenge Crab Apple Gin 50cl New In

Bertha's Revenge Crab Apple Gin 50cl

Bertha's Revenge Crab Apple Gin is bursting with the delicious, crisp taste of crab apples and b..

€33.00 Ex Tax: €26.83

Bottle Opener Including Foil Cutter (3518A)

A high quality corkscrew/bottle opener that incorporates an easy to use foil cutter.  ..

€10.50 Ex Tax: €8.53

Clonakilty Galley Head Single Malt Whiskey New In

Clonakilty Galley Head Single Malt Whiskey

An exciting offering from Clonakilty Distillers. A premium single malt cut with water that has been ..

€39.95 Ex Tax: €32.48

Clonakilty Single Grain Bordeaux Finish

An eight year old single grain that has been finished in Bordeaux casks. The first batch is lim..

€52.00 Ex Tax: €42.28

Cork Dry Gin

Cork Dry Gin is the number one selling gin in Ireland. Its combination of juniper berry, lemon, lime..

€26.99 Ex Tax: €21.95

Double Reach Corkscrew (3534)

A double-action waiter's friend style corkscrew which allows you to remove a cork in one or two ..

€2.05 Ex Tax: €1.67

Garnish Island Gin

A handcrafted small batch gin that takes inspiration from the lush Italian gardens on West Cork'..

€38.00 Ex Tax: €30.90

Metal Spout for Bitters Bottle - Silver (3059)

A chrome plated pourer for use on bitters bottles. Seal is made from cork as seen in the image. ..

€4.10 Ex Tax: €3.34

Rebel City Absinthe Distillery Series 50cl New In

Rebel City Absinthe Distillery Series 50cl

Introducing the first and only Irish absinthe on the market! Robert and Bhagya Barrett have bee..

€50.00 Ex Tax: €40.65

Twin Lever Corkscrew (3528)

A favourite for casual wine drinkers and an essential for any home. This twin lever corkscrew made n..

€3.20 Ex Tax: €2.60

Waiter's Friend Bottle Opener Burgundy (3520)

The classic waiter's friend style wine opener. Comes with penknife style foil cutter blade and a..

€2.05 Ex Tax: €1.67

West Cork Black Cask Blended Whiskey

This blend from West Cork has gone through some clever finishing in highly charred bourbon barrels. ..

€36.99 Ex Tax: €30.07

West Cork Bourbon Cask Single Malt

From West Cork Distillers, this is a triple distilled single malt Irish Whiskey crafted from premium..

€40.50 Ex Tax: €32.93

West Cork Cask Strength Blended Irish Whiskey

A natural cask-strength bottling from West Cork Distillers. This is a blend of grain and malt whiske..

€45.99 Ex Tax: €37.39