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Delord Creation No. 10 Armagnac New In

Delord Creation No. 10 Armagnac

A superb blended Armagnac that combines the 1993, 1990 and 1988 vintages in one incredible crea..

€96.00 Ex Tax: €79.34

Armagnac 1965 Delord

A superb and richly flavoured Armagnac from Delord Freres who are based in the town of Lannepax. ..

€168.99 Ex Tax: €139.66

Armagnac 1975 Delord

Distilled in 1975 and aged for almost 40 years before being bottled in early 2013. This is a rich..

€146.99 Ex Tax: €121.48

Delord 1977 Armagnac

Distilled from grapes harvested in 1977 and bottled in September 2016. This is a very fine, and perf..

€124.99 Ex Tax: €103.30

Delord 1981 Armagnac New In

Delord 1981 Armagnac

A superb Armagnac from the 1981 vintage.  ..

€85.00 Ex Tax: €70.25

Delord 1987 Armagnac

A great award winning Armagnac that was distilled from the 1987 vintage. Bottling in September 2016...

€89.99 Ex Tax: €74.37

Delord 1990 Armagnac New In

Delord 1990 Armagnac

A superb vintage Armagnac from top producer Delord. This one comes from the 1990 vintage.  ..

€74.50 Ex Tax: €61.57

Delord 1997 Armagnac

Distilled in 1997 and bottled in September 2016. This is a fine Armagnac from Delord, one of th..

€79.99 Ex Tax: €66.11

Delord Armagnac 1940

Distilled from grapes that were harvested in 1940 as the German army marched across Europe. Incredib..

€799.99 Ex Tax: €661.15

Delord Armagnac 1968

A stunning Armagnac that was distilled in 1968. Flavours of citrus and plum work alongside sweet van..

€185.00 Ex Tax: €152.89

Delord Armagnac 1970 New In

Delord Armagnac 1970

The 1970 vintage from renowned producers Delord. This particular bottling was bottled on October 28t..

€165.00 Ex Tax: €136.36

Delord Armagnac 1978

Having been aged in the Delord cellars for 40 years, this vintage has bountiful flavours of caramel,..

€95.00 Ex Tax: €78.51

Delord Armagnac 1980 New In

Delord Armagnac 1980

From the house of Delord, established over 100 years ago, comes the 1980 vintage. While distilled in..

€95.00 Ex Tax: €78.51

Delord Armagnac 1988

This fine Armagnac from the House of Delord was distilled in 1988 and has wonderful aromas of peach ..

€80.00 Ex Tax: €66.12

Delord Bas Armagnac 15 Year-Old

A perfectly aged Armagnac with rich spicy flavours of prune, oak, leather and cinnamon. Extremely go..

€72.00 Ex Tax: €59.50

Delord Bas Armagnac 25 Year Old

Delord 25 years old is elegant on the nose with peppery and spicy notes, it is in the mouth that thi..

€90.00 Ex Tax: €74.38