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Absolut Lime

With its fresh, balanced taste of natural Lime flavor and iconic frosted bottle, Absolut Lime perfec..

€30.00 Ex Tax: €24.39

Antique Brass Muddler (3654)

A high quality muddler made from stainless steel with an antique brass finish. The textured rubber h..

€9.20 Ex Tax: €7.48

Kinnegar Limeburner Pale Ale

A nice, easy-drinking pale ale that is light and crisp with a side of hoppiness! Quite the summertim..

€3.00 Ex Tax: €2.44

Lemon and Lime Wedger (3659)

Fast and super convenient to use. This ingenious device takes just seconds to wedge lime after lime,..

€46.50 Ex Tax: €37.80

Mexican Elbow Lemon and Lime Squeezer (3649)

A simple lever action lemon and lime squeezer wirth enough power to make juicing easy and quick. Gre..

€6.40 Ex Tax: €5.20

Mexican Elbow Lemon and Lime Squeezer Heavy Duty (3650)

A heavy duty chrome plated Mexican elbow. Makes juicing limes and lemons really easy and quick. Idea..

€13.20 Ex Tax: €10.73

Mixer Pure Lime Juice New In

Mixer Pure Lime Juice

Made from pure lime juice and uses limes imported from Mexico. ideal for using in mixing. Naturally ..

€8.50 Ex Tax: €6.91

Premium Dehydrated Lime Slices 45g New In

Premium Dehydrated Lime Slices 45g

The ideal garnish for margaritas! This dehydrated fruit is made using a very low temperature over 17..

€5.99 Ex Tax: €5.99

Wooden Muddler 10 Inch (3578)

A sturdy and easy to use muddler for crushing limes and other cocktail ingredients. 10 inches in len..

€3.40 Ex Tax: €2.76

Zester And Canale Cutter (3674)

A handy little tool for zesting and cutting canales from citrus fruits.  ..

€2.70 Ex Tax: €2.20

Kaffir Lime Leaf Liqueur Gabriel Boudier

A limited edition liqueur from Gabriel Boudier which was released after they ran a competition for b..

€23.00 Ex Tax: €18.70

Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Gin New In

Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Gin

One of their signature flavours for their cider has been brought out as a gin, how exciting! Expect ..

€36.00 Ex Tax: €29.27

Mojito Gabriel Boudier

One of the best quality pre-mixed Mojito products on the market. This has aromas of fresh lime and m..

€9.99 Ex Tax: €8.13

Shannon Grain Limerick Whiskey Adelphi 8 Year Old

A single cask of grain whiskey that was distilled at Cooley Distillery and bottled by Adelphi under ..

€225.00 Ex Tax: €182.93

Three Part Glass Rimmer (3597)

For adding sugar, salt or spice rims to cocktail glasses. This clever three compartment device conta..

€8.20 Ex Tax: €6.67

Monin Lime Juice Rantcho New In

Monin Lime Juice Rantcho

Bring your cocktail creations to the next level with MONIN Lime Rantcho! This concentrate is pe..

€10.50 Ex Tax: €8.54