The Wild Geese Whiskey

The Wild Geese was a term originally given to the Irish gentry who fled to other countries in the early 1600s. The Wild Geese brand was created to attract the 80 million or so people scattered around the world who claim Irish descent.

Wild Geese Classic


The Wild Geese Classic is a blend of double distilled single malt whiskey and grain whiskey from the..

€43.99 Ex Tax: €35.77

Wild Geese Rare Blend


The Wild Geese Rare is distilled by Cooley Distillery for the Avalon Group. Double distilled, unpeat..

€62.50 Ex Tax: €50.81

Wild Geese Single Malt


Double distilled, unpeated, single malt whiskey from the award winning Cooley Distillery in County L..

€82.00 Ex Tax: €66.67

Wild Geese Limited Edition


The rarest of the Wild Geese collection and a very good whiskey. A blend of double distilled malt wh..

€62.99 Ex Tax: €51.21