Cocktail and Bar Equipment

If you run a professional cocktail bar or if you just want to create a cocktail setup at home then we have everything you will need to add a touch of sophistication. Our fully comprehensive range of bar equipment includes all the special items you could possibly want. From shakers and muddlers to jiggers and strainers we have it all. 

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Cocktail and Bar Equipment

Condiment Holder Stainless Steel 4 Part (3761)

A bar condiment holder with 4 separate compartments. Stainless steel shell with plastic inserts. Eac..

€14.80 Ex Tax: €12.03

Condiment Holder Stainless Steel 5 Part (3762)

A five compartment condiment holder with a stainless steel shell and clear plastic lid. Each compart..

€15.50 Ex Tax: €12.60

Condiment Holder Stainless Steel 6 Part (3763)

With 6 individual one pint sized compartments this is a great way to organise your garnishes and dri..

€17.00 Ex Tax: €13.82

Copper Boston Cocktail Shaker 20/28oz (3346)

The classic Boston shaker tin and can set, finished in stylish copper plate. Great for making multip..

€21.30 Ex Tax: €17.32

Copper Medium Flow Pourer 12 Pack (3039P)

A medium flow classic bottle pourer finished in copper plating. 12 items per pack. Dimensions: 11.6c..

€21.30 Ex Tax: €17.32

Copper Plated Banded Measure 25/35/50ml NGS (3181)

A stylish copper-plated double jigger measure with markings for 25ml, 35ml and 50ml. Note that this ..

€8.60 Ex Tax: €6.99

Copper Plated Wine Cooler (3527)

A high quality wine cooler made from stainless steel with an attractive copper plate finish. Di..

€17.50 Ex Tax: €14.23

Craft Cocktail Tommy's Margarita 20cl


A twist on everyone's favourite tequila drink, the Tommy's Margarita ditches the orange liqu..

€12.50 Ex Tax: €10.17

Curved Copper Plated Mini Jigger NGS (3167)

A stylish small jigger measure that is not government stamped but does have internal measurements fo..

€5.40 Ex Tax: €4.39

Deluxe Bar Mat Mini Black 6"x12"

A small black bar mat. Sturdy black rubber construction. Dimensions: 30.2cm(L) x 15.2cm(W) x 1c..

€4.40 Ex Tax: €3.58

Deluxe Cocktail Shaker 750ml (3583)

A small but high quality shaker with a capacity of 750ml. Three piece stainless steel construction w..

€8.80 Ex Tax: €7.15

Detachable Metal Cocktail Tree Glass Holder Black New In

Detachable Metal Cocktail Tree Glass Holder Black

The perfect addition to any party, a detachable cocktail tree! Perfect for prepping and display..

€65.00 Ex Tax: €52.85

Double Reach Corkscrew (3534)

A double-action waiter's friend style corkscrew which allows you to remove a cork in one or two ..

€2.05 Ex Tax: €1.67

Economy Bottle Opener 10 Pack

A pack of 10 simple pressed steel bottle openers. Dimensions: 8.8cm(L) x 4.1cm(W) x 0.6cm(H) ..

€3.72 Ex Tax: €3.02

Empire Bitters Bottle 143ml (3929)

A nicely styled bitters bottle that will look great in a professional or home cocktail bar. 143ml in..

€9.45 Ex Tax: €7.68

Euro Cocktail Strainer (3365)

A high quality 'Euro' strainer made from heavy duty stainless steel. Comes with a tight and ..

€6.20 Ex Tax: €5.04