Inextricably linked to the Caribbean, rum has a complicated and slightly disturbing history. First it was part of the original triangle of the slave trade economy and later became associated with piracy and even organised crime during prohibition. It seems wherever there is rum, there is rumbullion. Well, maybe not today. Typically rum is made from sugar cane juice or molasses, although sugar beet is sometimes used for inferior products. There is no set method of manufacturing and there are many regional variations. Some distillers use pot stills, some column stills, others a variation of the two. Rhum Agricole is made from free run cane juice and is mostly confined to French speaking countries around the Caribbean. Latin rums from Spanish speaking nations can be fruity and full flavoured, while dark/navy rums have a more earthy and chocolaty taste. Most rums are aged for at least a year, some are then filtered to remove any colour, others left to age for up to 21 years.

Diplomatico Ambassador Rum


Diplomatico Ambassador is made using the best reserve rums held at the distillery. The spirit is ini..

€299.95 Ex Tax: €243.86

Appleton Estate 21 Year Old


Super-rich in flavour and texture with a silky soft mouthfeel and a finish that goes on forever. One..

€249.99 Ex Tax: €203.24

Ron Abuelo Centuria Reserva De La Familia Rum New In

Ron Abuelo Centuria Reserva De La Familia Rum


A solera aged rum that that is matured in Jack Daniels whiskey barrels. Some of the rums used are up..

€155.00 Ex Tax: €126.01

Ron Zacapa Reserva Limitado 2019 New In

Ron Zacapa Reserva Limitado 2019


Ron Zacapa Reserva Limitada 2019 edition is an excellent rum distilled in Guatemala and finished in ..

€145.00 Ex Tax: €117.89

El Dorado 21 Year Old Rum


A very highly rated rum that is blended from aged stocks from 21 to 25 years old. This has won many ..

€130.99 Ex Tax: €106.50

Bristol Nicaragua 1999 Rum


Nicaragua 1999 Reserve Rum Column distillation and early shipment in bulk to the UK and then filling..

€129.00 Ex Tax: €104.88

Celtic Cask Tríocha a Seacht (37) Panama Rum New In

Celtic Cask Tríocha a Seacht (37) Panama Rum


Our first foray into single cask rum. It was produced with continuous still distillation and th..

€125.00 Ex Tax: €101.63

Bacardi Reserva Limitado New In

Bacardi Reserva Limitado


A special blend of aged Puero Rican rums, some of which have been aged for up to 12 years under the ..

€120.00 Ex Tax: €97.56

Flor de Cana 25 Year Old Centenario


Created using estate-grown sugar cane, the 25 Year Old Flor de Cana is the top expression in their r..

€120.00 Ex Tax: €97.56

Ron Barcelo Imperial 30 Year Old Blend


An incredible blend of 30 year old rums that were set aside after ten years for the sole purpose of ..

€119.99 Ex Tax: €97.55

El Dorado 21 Year Old Rum


A superb rum from the iconic Diamond Distillery in Guyana. This is blended from the wide variety of ..

€117.90 Ex Tax: €95.85

Bacardi 16 Year Old 1 Litre New In

Bacardi 16 Year Old 1 Litre

1 Litre

Initially released in July 2019. This was meant to be a travel retail exclusive but is now available..

€117.00 Ex Tax: €95.12

Ron Zacapa 30th Anniversario


A premium limited edition rum from the Guatamalan producer, Ron Zacapa to celebrate its 30th Anniver..

€114.99 Ex Tax: €93.49

Equipo Navazos La Bota de Ron 65


This rum is sourced from one of the stunning butts—formerly used to age oloroso—in the s..

€105.00 Ex Tax: €85.37

Ron Zacapa Negra Edicion 70cl New In

Ron Zacapa Negra Edicion 70cl


For those looking for a more intense and daring flavour of rum straight from the natural elemen..

€100.00 Ex Tax: €81.30

Heytesbury Demerara Rum


Introducing the Heytesbury Rum Collection Single Cask Release. A rum that has been specially ha..

€99.50 Ex Tax: €80.89