A well preserved distillery that still hangs onto a sense of tradition and history. Balblair houses just two stills but a third ancient pot still is in situe awaiting repair. The distillery itself was built in 1894 although previously a distillery by the same name existed nearby. All current official bottlings are made as vintage releases, therefore there is no standard edition.

Balblair Cadenhead Bottling 18 Years Old

75 cl

When this was distilled in 1965 the Balblair was independently owned and operated by Robert Cumming ..

€795.00 Ex Tax: €646.34

Balblair 2002


A fresh and fruity bottling from this little known distillery. Matured in Bourbon casks giving flavo..

€58.99 Ex Tax: €47.96

Balblair 1999 2nd Release


A popular range of vintage releases from Balblair. This second release of 1999 whisky has been aged ..

€94.99 Ex Tax: €77.23