Glendronach used to be a slightly obscure distillery that was criminally hard to find. Thankfully the new owners, who took over in 2008, realised this and they have released some real gems from the extensive stocks. The distillery was founded in 1826 and like many it has changed hands and been closed a number of times. It is distinguished by the amount of mature whisky that has been stored in both Oloroso and PX sherry casks. In a few quick years whisky fans have realised that Glendronach is actually a top notch malt that reaches the same heights of Macallan but without the hefty 'premiumised' price tag. Old production used a mildly peated malt at 14ppm but new spirit is entirely unpeated. The distillery has four stills and produces 1,300,000L of alcohol per year. Look out for the single cask bottlings from Glendronach, they are almost always spectacular!

Glendronach 2003 12 Year Old Cask 930


Cask 930 is a Pedro Ximenex Puncheon and is one of the younger bottlings in Glendronachs 13th batch ..

€122.99 Ex Tax: €99.99

Glendronach 1996 Single Cask 1487


This wonderful whiskey is part of Glendronach's 10th Batch of Single Cask releases. It has been ..

€125.99 Ex Tax: €102.43

Glendronach 2004 12 Year Old Cask 5521


The youngest of the nine whiskies in Glendronach's 13 batch of single cask bottlings. This has b..

€125.99 Ex Tax: €102.43

Glendronach 2002 13 Year Old Cask 4651


One of the younger releases in Glendronach's Batch 13 of single cask releases. This was matured ..

€126.99 Ex Tax: €103.24

GlenDronach 18 Year Old Allardice


Exclusively matured in Oloroso sherry casks, some of which are considerably older than 18 years old...

€135.00 Ex Tax: €109.76

Glendronach 1994 Single Cask 3397 19 Year Old


Part of Glendronach's tenth series of single cask releases. This is a dense and richly flavoured..

€138.99 Ex Tax: €113.00

Glendronach 1994 Oloroso Sherry Butt 54


One of the stars of Glendronach's eleventh batch of single cask releases. This has been entirely..

€151.99 Ex Tax: €123.57

Glendronach 1994 21 Year Old #339 Batch 14


From Glendronach's 14 batch of superb single cask whiskies. These highly collectable bottling re..

€161.99 Ex Tax: €131.70

Glendronach 1995 19 Year Old Cask 3806


A 19 year old single cask bottling from Glendronach's 12 Batch of amazing special releases. This..

€164.99 Ex Tax: €134.14

GlenDronach 21 Year Old Parliament


Very richly flavoured with a heavy dose of sherry casks ageing adding rich, fruit liqueur, mocha, to..

€170.00 Ex Tax: €138.21

Glendronach 1996 20 Year Old #1485 Batch 14


A fine single cask Glendronach that has been aged entirely in a Pedro Ximenex sherry puncheon. Part ..

€183.99 Ex Tax: €149.59

Glendronach 1995 20 Year Old #543 Batch 14


A fantastic single cask Glendronach that was aged in a single Pedro Ximenez Puncheon. Part of the 14..

€184.99 Ex Tax: €150.40

Glendronach 1995 20 Year Old Cask 3047


A fine Pedro Ximinez matured Glendronach from batch 13 of the distillery's single cask series. J..

€191.99 Ex Tax: €156.09

Glendronach 1993 23 Year Old #42 Batch 14


A fantastic expression of Glendronach. This was distilled in 1993 and aged entirely in an Oloroso Sh..

€199.99 Ex Tax: €162.59

Glendronach 1994 21 Year Old Cask 3274


A Pedro Ximenez cask matured single malt from Glendronach. This is from batch 13 of the distillery&#..

€201.99 Ex Tax: €164.22

Glendronach 1992 24 Year Old #226 Batch 14

A fine 24 year old Glendronach that has spent its entire life in a single Oloroso sherry butt. One o..

€209.99 Ex Tax: €170.72