Sierras de Malaga

Malaga and Sierras de Malaga are two different Spanish D.Os for wines produced in the province of Malaga, Spain. Whilst it is most likely that vines were initially brought to the area by the Phoenicians, the first documented evidence of wine production in the region dates from the Roman Empire, with the discovery of an ancient fermentation vat about 30km outside of Malaga. Malaga D.O. is known for its sweet and fortified wines made from Moscatel and/or Pedro Ximenez grapes. Traditionally sweet Malaga wine is produced by drying the grapes in the sun on mats before pressing them. Fermentation is then stopped early to ensure yields of alcohol between 15% and 22%. However Sierras de Malaga D.O. produce a fantastic variety of white, red or rosé wines that offer superb quality and value for money.

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Sierras de Malaga

Los Aguilares Pinot Noir

75 cl

As unlikely as Pinot Noir from the heat of Malaga sounds, we think this is the best Pinot Noir made ..

€38.00 Ex Tax: €30.89

Los Aguilares Pago El Espino

75 cl

The fresh, fruit-driven, flagship wine of the Los Aguilares estate. Blend of Petit Verdot, temp..

€26.50 Ex Tax: €21.54

Bodegas Bentomiz Ariyanas Tinto de Ensamblaje 2011

75 cl

A blend of Petit Verdot, Rome and Tempranillo which has spent 4 months ageing in new French & Am..

€25.99 Ex Tax: €21.13

Bodegas Bentomiz Ariyanas Naturalmente Dulce


100% Muscatel de Alejandria , naturally sweet.  ..

€22.95 Ex Tax: €18.66

Los Aguilares Tadeo

75 cl

100% Petit Verdot. This wine results from a careful selection of the best barrels of Petit Verdot at..

€20.00 Ex Tax: €16.26

Bodegas Bentomiz Ariyanas David Tinto Naturalemente Dulce

50 cl

100% Merlot, naturally sweet - great with chocolate! Served in many Michelin Star restaurants across..

€18.99 Ex Tax: €15.44

Los Aguilares Rosado


A rose wine made from a selection of the best products of the Bodega. A blend of Petit Verdot, ..

€18.49 Ex Tax: €15.03

Los Aguilares Vino Tinto

75 cl

This wine delivers far more than the term 'Vinho Tinto' suggests. It is a youthful..

€12.00 Ex Tax: €9.76

Bodegas Bentomiz Ariyanas Seco Sobre Lias Finas

75 cl

100% Moscatel de Alejandria fermented in stainless steel tanks, with ageing on its lees for 6 months..

€10.00 Ex Tax: €8.13