The Perfect Irish Coffee

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This morning’s rain has confirmed to us that the changing of the seasons is well and truly upon us.  Whilst we are not looking forward to pulling the woolly jumpers from the back of the press, or dusting off the winter coat, there is no time like the present to embrace some hearty winter tipples. Nothing springs to mind better than the classic ‘Irish Coffee’.


The debate goes on as to the exact origin of this classic.  Rumour has it, that a freak storm over the Atlantic in 1942 resulted in an aircraft (destined for New York) having no choice but to turn back to Foynes airport. A young chef by the name Joe Sheridan was graced with the responsibility of warming up a plane full of cold, weathered and distressed passengers. Joe rose to the occasion whizzing up a tasty concoction of Irish whiskey & coffee. The hot beverage went down a storm and when asked what it was, Joe declared it to be an ‘Irish Coffee’. This stormy discovery is still comemmorated in Shannon at the Foynes Flying Boat Museum.


Fact or fiction, we’re big fans of the Irish Coffee. Like the tale of its origin, almost everyone has their own version of exactly how to make it. Therefore, below is simply a Celtic Whiskey guideline to making the perfect Irish coffee. 


1. Warm glass with hot, but not boiling water. Make sure water is not too hot as you run the risk of cracking the glass.

2. Coffee then whiskey? Whiskey then coffee? We’ll leave you to make this contentious decision. However, we do like to use Powers.

3. Add a teaspoon of brown sugar

4. Pour some cream into a mini bottle. Pop the lid on and shake vigorously. Alternativey, whisk lightly. This helps to get some air into the cream, contributing to that gorgeous creamy texture.

5. Top coffee, Powers & brown sugar with a generous serving of this cream.

6. Kick back, relax and wash down the rainy Monday blues!


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