Marco de Bartoli

Marco de Bartoli is considered one of Sicily's winemaking pioneers for his long standing commitment to the native Sicilian white grape varieties, Grillo and Zibibbo. He produces them on two seperate estates; the first in Marsala, in Sicily's south west corner, the other on the small island of Pantelleria, south east of Sicily. His strict belief in the value of traditional methods of production of these grapes and their wines is complemented by his equally strong belief in the future of Sicily as one of Europe's most important viticultural areas. Grillo, which historically forms the basis of Marsala's classic wines, has been grown on the island since Phoenecian times. From his Samperi winery, in the Contrada Samperi just west of Marsala, Marco de Bartoli produces several wines from this grape. Marco de Bartoli sadly recently passed away but his work is carried on by his children.

Bartoli Vecchio Samperi


The Marsala Wine. In 1980, Marco de Bartoli named his first wine Vecchio Samperi in honour of the la..

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Marco de Bartoli Bukkuram Passito 2014

50 cl

Passito wine made from the Zibbio grape variety. This style of wine has its roots from Arab times. T..

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Marco de Bartoli Superiore Riserva Oro DOC 2004

Made from 100% Grillo, this Marsala by Marco de Bartoli was made in a traditional style that pr..

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Marco de Bartoli Bukkuram Sole d'Agosto

50 cl

The grapes are dried for 2 weeks in the sun giving a fresh and lighter Bukkuram. Young, fresh a..

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Marco de Bartoli Grappoli del Grillo

75 cl

Beautiful to drink now, this wine has, thanks to modern techniques, incredible ageing potential. Int..

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Marco De Bartoli Integer Grillo

This completely natural wine is made with little to no intervention giving it a cloudy appearance. U..

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Marco de Bartoli Lucido

75 cl

Wonderful light, dry white wine, made from 100% Catarratto grapes. The wine is made using a minimum ..

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Marco de Bartoli Marsala Superiore 1987

50 cl

The Superiore Reserva 1987 has gorgeous perfumed aromas. Produced with respect to "natural"..

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Marco de Bartoli Marsala Superiore Oro Vigna La Miccia 5 Anni

50 cl

In 1982, de Bartoli created 'Vigna La Miccia', classified as an 'Oro' or gold Marsal..

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Marco de Bartoli Marsala Superiore Riserva 10 Anni

50 cl

These classic versions of Marsala Superiore differ in the way they're aged because of the additio..

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Marco de Bartoli Pietranera Bianca

75 cl

Made from 100% Zibibbo grapes (also known as Moscatel of Alexandria) which are grown in black volcan..

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Marco de Bartoli Rosso di Marco

75 cl

Marco de Bartoli dropped the Bordeaux varities of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for the local Pignat..

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Marco de Bartoli Vecchio Samperi Trentennale

75 cl

Vecchio Samperi Trentennale is a Special Reserve obtained by emptying the very first bottles of V..

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Marco de Bartoli Vecchio Samperi Ventennale

50 cl

To make Vecchio Samperi, the De Bartolis use the ancient perpetuum (or Soleras) method that, through..

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Marco de Bartoli Josephine Rouge

50 cl

This wine is named after Marco de Bartoli's mother who ran baglio Samperi before him. This is a ..

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Marco de Bartoli Vignaverde 2013

75 cl

A young, fresh and lively expression of the native Sicillian grape grillo. ..

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