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Cask Ownership Scheme

Specially sourced quality casks from Europe's finest fortified wine regions, filled with the finest whiskeys available in Ireland.

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20 years of experience

Reasons to Buy From Us

We have nearly twenty years of experience in the whiskey trade and have been bottling our own range of single cask bottlings for over ten years.

Through our wine import business we have built up special relationships with producers of Europes finest fortified wines. Casks from high-end Sherry, Marsala and other fortified wines are seen as 'premium' wood types to age whiskey in.


Casks Selection

The most common industry barrel type is the American Standard Barrrel, a cask previously used to hold Bourbon whiskey. The more highly-prized, and more sought after cask types are those previously used to hold Sherry, Madeira, Marsala and other quality fortified wines.

The main disadvantage with many of these casks is that they are very large in size and often cost much more than a Bourbon barrel However, through our special contacts we are able to source smaller casks in the 150L-250L range which have the added advantage of imparting flavour and maturity to the spirit faster than, say a 500L Sherry butt.

Our inventory of fortified wine casks is changing constantly so please get in touch by email to find our current availability.

Top Quality

Irish Whiskey

After having some great success with one of our own Celtic Cask bottlings of Our Managing Director, Alastair Alpine arranged a visit with the Head Distiller at Great Northern and tasted through samples of their new make and young maturing spirits. The quality was evident across the whole range. In particular, their Single Pot Still whiskey which will be a very exciting addition whenever they decide to release, especially the sherry matured stock.

Therefore, while Celtic Whiskey will also offer buyers the opportunity to purchase an array of casks from different distilleries whenever possible, we have established a significant relationship with Great Northern to offer their New Make spirit (It can’t be called Irish Whiskey until it’s 3 years old) in a variety of cask types.

A Guide to Costs

When your cask is filled it will have 200 litres of spirit at 68.5% for grain and 63% for single malt or single pot still. If bottled immediately you’d get around 285 bottles at cask strength. This would equate to around 390 bottles at 46% vol.

It is estimated that your cask will lose around 3-4% to the angels in the first year and around 2% per year after.

After 10 years, you might lose around 20%, therefore, you’d get around 228 bottles at cask strength or around 312 at 46% vol.

After 20 years, you might lose 40%, therefore, you’d get around 171 bottles at cask strength or around 234 bottles at 46% vol.

If you decide to bottle your cask there would be a €50 charge for disgorging or emptying the cask and €30 per case of 12 for bottling. You could buy your own bottles, corks, capsules & personalised labels or we could provide for around €3.50 per bottle. Therefore, bottling 312 bottles would cost €50 disgorgement, €260 bottling plus €1092.00 if we supply all the dry goods.

Staffords Bonded is a working facility and doesn’t offer visits.

If you buy a cask, it will be transferred to Staffords Bonded in County Wexford to mature. The annual storage fee includes a yearly 20cl sample so you can track the progress of your purchase. (A surcharge would be added for posting the sample outside of Ireland but this would be at cost price).

Every year, or as wine casks become available, we will do an offer where you can buy an alternative wine or spirit cask to transfer your whiskey into. The cost of transferring the spirit/whiskey to a different cask is currently €30 (This price is likely to go up with inflation) plus the cost of the new cask.

Insurance is included in the €130 annual storage fee and provides cover on fire and theft.

If you decide after a period of time that you want us to sell your cask, we could put it out to offers. At present market rates, the value of whiskey is increasing year on year as the spirit matures. However, as with any purchase, there are no guarantees that this will always be the same.

Annual invoices will be sent to the owner to cover yearly storage and insurance if applicable.

Cask Calculator

Predict the final costs involved in cask ownership by using our special calculator below. Please note that all prices are not guaranteed and are used to give you a rough estimate of the costs involved.


20.00 l

Litres of Pure Alcohol (LPA) *
At Purchase

17.18 l

Litres of Pure Alcohol (LPA) *
Before bottling

45.20 l

Bulk Litres *
Before bottling


ABV of Cask *
Before emptying


Duty paid *
At bottling


23% VAT on Duty and Initial Cost *
At bottling


Total cost to release
cask from bond *


Total Storage costs *
(€120/year, including insurance)


Total cost *
(Including purchase price)

42.95 l

Bulk litres once reduced
to bottling strength *


Number of bottles produced *
At 700ml each


Cost per bottle *
Before bottling

Cask Ownership

Once you purchase a cask, we will send you a certificate to confirm ownership and cask number. This cask of Whiskey will remain in Bond pending it’s bottling and/or release and is retained in the control of the Celtic Whiskey Shop Limited pending such bottling and/or release from Bond.

The certified owner named above has acknowledged that in the event of such bottling and/or release from bond he/she will be solely responsible for the payment of the excise and other duties payable in respect thereof.

Annual invoices will be sent to the owner to cover yearly storage and insurance if applicable.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions will form the basis for the contract between Celtic Whiskey Shop Ltd and the purchaser. Before submitting your order, please ensure that you have read these terms and conditions carefully. Please email if you need any clarification on any points.

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