Blended Irish Whiskeys

In 1878, Dublin distillers John Jameson, William Jameson, George Roe and John Power joined forces to campaign for a strict legal definition of whiskey, a definition that would exclude anything that poured from a Coffey still. It was a style of whiskey that could be mixed with malt or pot still whiskey to make it lighter and more approachable. Most of all, it could be produced a lot faster… and cheaper.

The Dublin distillers weren’t successful and about 100 years later blended whiskey represented the vast majority whiskey being bottled on the island of Ireland. Thankfully, Irish malt and pot still is something that blends very well – witness the popularity of the nation’s largest selling whiskey, Jameson. 

Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey


This is a new release from the Connacht Whiskey Distillery which has been carefully blended with the..

€43.00 Ex Tax: €34.96

Black Ops Irish Whiskey


Here we have a smooth blend of malt and grain whiskey which has been matured in extra deep..

€52.00 Ex Tax: €42.28

Black Smoke Peated Blend New In

Black Smoke Peated Blend


Now this is one powerful Irish Whiskey! This release from Blacks Distillery is quite literally ..

€48.50 Ex Tax: €39.43

Blacks Maple Mayhem Blend New In

Blacks Maple Mayhem Blend


A superb Irish Whiskey matured in maple bourbon casks for a sweet finish with plenty of maple and va..

€45.00 Ex Tax: €36.59

Blacks Triple Threat Irish Whiskey New In

Blacks Triple Threat Irish Whiskey


From Blacks of Kinsale comes this rather striking Irish Whiskey aged in a triple threat of bourbon, ..

€40.00 Ex Tax: €32.52

Blackwater Dirtgrain Irish Whiskey 1st Release 4x20cl pack New In

Blackwater Dirtgrain Irish Whiskey 1st Release 4x20cl pack


A special limited first release from Blackwater Distillery that explores the historical mashbills of..

€250.00 Ex Tax: €203.25

Blackwater Velvet Cap Irish Whiskey


Velvet Cap Irish whiskey is the latest small batch release by Blackwater Distillery. This whisk..

€39.99 Ex Tax: €32.51

Boston Bakers Irish Whiskey New In

Boston Bakers Irish Whiskey


A superb Irish whiskey made from a combined blend of malt whiskies that have been aged in imperial s..

€45.50 Ex Tax: €36.99

Bua Irish Whiskey Small Batch


Bua is the Irish word for win or victory and Bua Irish Whiskey celebrates the aspirational underdog ..

€49.00 Ex Tax: €39.84

Bunratty Irish Whiskey New In

Bunratty Irish Whiskey


 An exciting Triple Barrell-aged premium blend whiskey from Bunratty. This blend of Malt and Gr..

€38.50 Ex Tax: €31.30

Bunratty Irish Whiskey 5cl New In

Bunratty Irish Whiskey 5cl


A fantastic 5cl offering of this barrel-aged whiskey! Made from a premium blend of grain and ma..

€5.00 Ex Tax: €4.07

Bushmills Black Bush

70 cl

Black Bush is classed as the 'deluxe' blend from Bushmills and it has a lot of loyal fans ac..

€36.50 Ex Tax: €29.67

Bushmills Black Bush 80/20 New In

Bushmills Black Bush 80/20


A new iteration of the iconic Black Bush, 80/20 is a unique blend of Bushmills Single Malt finis..

€56.50 Ex Tax: €45.94

Bushmills Caribbean Rum Cask Finish


A very welcome new addition to the core range of Bushmills. This expression has used high quali..

€35.00 Ex Tax: €28.46

Bushmills Original


Bushmills Original is also known as 'White Bush' and is the flagship blend from Bushmills di..

€31.50 Ex Tax: €25.61

Bushmills Red Bush


Another addition to our ever expanding Bushmills collection, Bushmills Red Bush. This triple di..

€33.50 Ex Tax: €27.24