Chateau Suduiraut - Sauternes

The history of Château Suduiraut, in Sauternes, goes back many centuries. After the total destruction of the property by the Duke d’Epernon in the 1600’s, Count Blaise de Suduiraut replanted the vineyard and restored the estate to its former glory.The vineyard of Suduiraut covers 200 hectares of which 92 hectares of vines are planted in a sandy-clay soil. In Autumn, the proximity of the Ciron and Garonne rivers gives a micro-climate characterised by misty mornings which are followed by warm, sunny afternoons. This privileged position, from the beginning of the month of September, encourages the development of botrytis cinerea, the famous noble rot.The quality of this First Classed Growth is a testament to the unwavering attention devoted to its crafting. Extremely low yields foster the concentration of sugars. Each vat is stringently selected.

Castelnau de Suduiraut Sauternes 37.5cl


Castelnau de Suduiraut is the second wine from Chateau Suduiraut, and is a fresh-style Sauternes wit..

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Castelnau de Suduiraut Sauternes


Castelnau de Suduiraut is the second wine from Chateau Suduiraut and is a fresh-style Sauternes with..

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