Prosecco La Farra

The vineyards of Azienda Agricola La Farra owned by Nardi Giandomenico and his family are found on the hills around Farra di Soligo, between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. This family have been concerned with this land and vine-growing techniques for generations and have recently developed its production systems in the aim of obtaining high quality grapes using both traditional and environment friendly techniques so as to enhance its wines. In order to produce high quality grapes, the family personally takes care of all the various production phases; accurate pruning, cutting vine-shoots to a few buds, careful choice of harvest time, whilst the harvest is always carried out by hand. The skilful blending of vine-growing and wine-making techniques and the most advanced technology, highlights the characteristics of these wines. That's why when you taste the wines produced by the Nardi's, you get great quality and consistency of flavour. This is backed up by Bob Tyrer's article on Prosecco, Timesonline in April 2009 that commented 'My favourites so far are from the Nardi family of La Farra.' Prosecco is probably best known as the bubbles in a Bellini. However, it has grown to be very much the Champagne alternative of choice! Prosecco is made from the Prosecco grape variety using the Charmat method. The Charmat method basically produces a still wine from Prosecco as one would do with any other white grape. Once, this process is complete, the base wine is transferred to a sealable stainless steel tank called an autoclave. Once in the autoclave, sugar and more yeast are added to the base wine to cause a second fermentation, but instead of letting the resulting CO2 escape into the air as it does with the production of any still wine, the sealed autoclaves forces the gas into solution creating bubbles in the wine. This is a far cheaper method than methode champanoise but Prosecco isn't trying to copy Champagne. Prosecco is intended to be fresher and more overtly fruity in taste and aroma.

La Farra Valdobbiadene Prosecco Frizzante

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Our best-selling sparkling wine is loved by our customers and staff for its freshness, approachabili..

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La Farra Valdobbiadene Superiore Brut Spumante Prosecco

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Our top Prosecco is created in the Spumante style (fully sparkling) and comes with a Champagne-style..

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La Farra Sparkling Rosé IGT Marca Trevigiana

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In Ireland this would be known as Prosecco Rosé but this is incorrect as Prosecco is a white ..

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