Cantina Tramin

Winemaker Willi Stürz was awarded the coveted accolade of 'Oenologist of the Year' by Italy's Gambero Rosso in 2004. Tramin is a Cooperative that can trace it's roots back to 1898 and they currently represent over 300 growers who follow its' strict directives on the cultivation of vines. It covers 250 hectares of vineyards, sited on sun-bathed slopes with an altitude of between 250-700m above sea-level. They are one of the top producers of white wines in Italy. The release of the Gambero Rosso in 2011 marked another milestone for the winery as it has now been awarded 20 Tre Bicchieri, which is testament to the skill of Willi Sturz. 'One of Alto Adige's oldest and most successful co-operatives. The level of quality here is truly stunning. Simply put, I can't recommend these wines highly enough.' The Wine Advocate

Cantina Tramin Gewurztraminer Nussbaumer

75 cl

Cantina Tramin's Gewurztraminer Nussbaumer is the best Gewurztraminer outside of Alsace! The las..

€38.50 Ex Tax: €31.30

Cantina Tramin Pinot Bianco

75 cl

Pinot Bianco is part of the Burgundian Pinot family and is related to Pinot Grigio and the principal..

€20.00 Ex Tax: €16.26

Cantina Tramin Pinot Bianco Moriz

75 cl

A dry white from Alto Adige in Northern Italy, presented in a tall German-style bottle, it ..

€24.50 Ex Tax: €19.92

Cantina Tramin Pinot Grigio

75 cl

One of our most popular wines! 100% Pinot Grigio. These grapes come from vineyards in Montagna,..

€19.75 Ex Tax: €16.06

Cantina Tramin Pinot Grigio Unterebner

75 cl

This wine is named after the historical Unterebner farm and vineyard. The vines here rise to an alti..

€33.50 Ex Tax: €27.24

Cantina Tramin Pinot Noir/Pinot Nero

75 cl

This Pinot Noir from Northern Italy is light and herbaceous with aromas of wild berries, mountain he..

€24.00 Ex Tax: €19.51

Cantina Tramin Roen Gewurztraminer

37.5 cl

The name "Roen" refers to the name of the mountain protecting the vineyards where this win..

€32.00 Ex Tax: €26.02

Cantina Tramin Stoan

75 cl

Stoan combines the region's most important grapes to create a harmonious and superb interpretati..

€35.00 Ex Tax: €28.46

Tramin Maglen Pinot Noir Riserva New In

Tramin Maglen Pinot Noir Riserva


This elegant Pinot Noir is a selection of fine grapes from historic and sunny vineyards in the Alto ..

€42.50 Ex Tax: €34.55

Tramin Pepi Sauvignon


This is a full-bodied and round example of Sauvignon Blanc with delicate aromas of citrus, peach, an..

€27.00 Ex Tax: €21.95

Cantina Tramin Goldmuskateller Moscato Giallo

75 cl

A very elegant off-dry wine from this renowned producer. The grapes come from vineyards that are pla..

€20.00 Ex Tax: €16.26

Cantina Tramin Gewurztraminer

75 cl

100% Gewürztraminer grown in vineyards planted 300-450m above sea level in calcareous clay and ..

€21.00 Ex Tax: €17.07

Cantina Tramin Maglen Pinot Noir 2012

75 cl

Whilst Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) is not indigenous to the region, it has resided here for the past 100..

€29.99 Ex Tax: €24.38

Cantina Tramin Merlot 2012

75 cl

A wonderful full bodied, slightly spicy merlot that works superbly with food. Vines grown in the ..

€16.99 Ex Tax: €13.81

Cantina Tramin Montan Sauvignon 2012

75 cl

Montan selectected from best Sauvignon vineyards in Montagna, where the vines are planted in a mix o..

€24.99 Ex Tax: €20.31

Cantina Tramin Moscato Roso 'Volentin' 2006

37.5 cl

A beautiful sweet wine from Cantina Tramin. Only made in certain years under the right conditions..

€29.99 Ex Tax: €24.38