Barr an Uisce

The founder of  “Barr an Uisce” Irish Whiskey, Ian Jones, comes from a small village called Redcross which lies just below the town land of Barraniskey in County Wicklow.

Redcross, has an interesting history. It was a major stopping point for horse and carts travelling from southern Ireland to Dublin. People who travelled along the East Coast of Ireland found themselves in Redcross. It became a meeting point for gossip, news ,culture and music. The village of Redcross and the town land of Barraniskey were both affected by the penal laws many years ago and in 1803 the Barraniskey church was built for people who were forced to move from Redcross.  The copper coloured Cross still stands in the graveyard in Redcross to this day. This copper cross was the inspiration for our Logo.

Ian’s family have a long history in the Pub business. Ian’s great grandfather, Tim Dineen, owned a rural family pub in a place called Peak in County Cork, which is on the south west coast of Ireland. Following in the family tradition, Ian’s family-run pub in Redcross, set in the rolling hills of County Wicklow, is a hub of Community activity and life – over one hundred years on from his great-grandfathers story. It is in this pub in Redcross where friends and families come together and enjoy music and laughter in a typical Rural Irish pub. Ian’s family have been in the Greyhound racing business for many years. Raising dogs that have gone on to become champions; photos of these winning dogs are not only seen in frames in the pub and are also paraded through the pub every time a dog wins on the track.

Barr an Uisce '1803' 16 Year Old


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Wicklow Hills Blend


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Barr an Uisce 1803 10 Year Old Single Malt


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Barr an Uisce Wicklow Rare Blend


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