Bodegas Tradicion

Preserving tradition is considered high importance in this family owned winery in Jerez. Not surprising given its 350 years of history! Origins of Bodegas Tradicion have links with the legendary brand CZ – the abbreviation for Cabeza de Aranda y Zarco- which is considered the oldest Jerez brand from Jerez. The company's ethos is to promote tradition and respect ancient methods for ageing and maturing. The highest quality and character for products is hoped to be achieved by this method.

Bodegas Tradicion Cream


A blend of youthfully fruity PX into ancient dry, nutty Oloroso. The flavour complexity from th..

€73.00 Ex Tax: €59.35

Bodegas Tradicion Oloroso VORS 30 Year Old

75 cl

This pure breed Oloroso style is a powerful but extraordinarily gentle wine, mouth filling, rich, un..

€79.00 Ex Tax: €64.23

Bodegas Tradicion Pedro Ximenez

75 cl

If there is a PX sweet, fresh, old, fruity...this is it. Sun dried grapes produce a very viscous swe..

€95.00 Ex Tax: €77.24

Palo Cortado Tradicion Vors 30

75 cl

Very subtle, special, charming wine. It is said to have all flavors including “umami”, w..

€122.00 Ex Tax: €99.19

Bodegas Tradicion Fino

75 cl

Not a typical modern style of fino, yet  alcohol volume still kept at the minimum allowed, whic..

€44.00 Ex Tax: €35.77

Bodegas Tradicion Amontillado 30 Year Old

75 cl

This amontillado has the ability to seduce the most demanding palates and it is capable of being a g..

€83.00 Ex Tax: €67.48

Bodegas Tradicion Platinum Solera Gran Reserva


An amazing Spanish brandy that is comprised of aged spirits over 50 years old. Entirely distilled fr..

€289.99 Ex Tax: €235.76