Other US Whiskeys & Canadian Whiskies

Canadian whiskies tend to be lighter and softer than their US counterparts. They are often made from a mix of rye and corn but like US whiskeys they can be made from a diverse mix of grains. Since prohibition they have been masively popular in the US and they tend to mix well due to their gentle and smooth character.

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Other US Whiskeys & Canadian Whiskies

Angel's Envy Rye New In

Angel's Envy Rye


A classy and delicious rye whiskey that has been finished in Caribbean rum barrels from Plantation w..

€164.00 Ex Tax: €133.33

Bulleit Rye


This is an award winning, small batch, straight rye whiskey. The content of rye is 95% with some 5% ..

€51.50 Ex Tax: €41.87

Canadian Club


Canadian Club is blended before ageing, a technique which allows subtle flavours of the rye, rye mal..

€37.00 Ex Tax: €30.08

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye


Made with 90% rye, has a sweet taste full of fruit that is more akin to a bourbon but keeps a grainy..

€80.00 Ex Tax: €65.04

Crown Royal XO


Launched at the start of 2014, Crown Royal XO is a very special  blend of around 50 whiski..

€150.00 Ex Tax: €121.95

Lot No. 40 Rye Whiskey


A small-batch Canadian blend of fine rye whiskies distilled in a small copper pot still. Robust and ..

€48.00 Ex Tax: €39.02

Michters Barrel Strength Rye


A rich and spicy rye whiskey that has been bottled at natural barrel strength. Delicious butterscotc..

€172.00 Ex Tax: €139.84

Michters Straight Rye Single Barrel


A solid and great tasting straight rye that is bottled in single barrel batches to highlight th..

€72.00 Ex Tax: €58.54

Michters US1 American Whiskey


Titled 'American Whiskey' rather than bourbon because, unlike bourbon, this has been aged in..

€73.00 Ex Tax: €59.35

Rittenhouse Straight Rye Bottled In Bond


A fine rye whiskey with some added oomph thanks to the high bottling strength. Ideal for classic rye..

€55.00 Ex Tax: €44.72

Sazerac 6 Year Old Straight Rye


The One and Only New Orleans Original... Sazerac 6 Year Old Rye Whiskey symbolises the tradition and..

€57.50 Ex Tax: €46.75

Southern Comfort Black


Returning to it's whiskey roots - Southern Comfort Black is a bold whiskey forward expression at..

€39.00 Ex Tax: €31.71

Templeton Rye Signature Reserve 4 Year Old


When prohibition outlawed the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages in 1920, many enterprising..

€49.50 Ex Tax: €40.25

Westward American Single Malt 70cl New In

Westward American Single Malt 70cl


A superb single malt that is very much American in character. This is made using Oregon barley, dist..

€76.50 Ex Tax: €62.20

Westward Pinot Noir Finish Single Malt 70cl New In

Westward Pinot Noir Finish Single Malt 70cl


A celebration of the superb Pinot Noir wines made in the Willamette Valley south of Portland in Oreg..

€92.50 Ex Tax: €75.20

Westward Stout Finish American Single Malt 70cl New In

Westward Stout Finish American Single Malt 70cl


A celebratio of the brewing traditions in Portland Oregon. Westward Distillery have been trading bar..

€92.50 Ex Tax: €75.20