Anima Negra

One of the most exciting wineries in Spain at the moment, never mind in Mallorca! Using ingenious grapes these guys are turning out superb biodynamic & organic wines. Highly accredited by critics. In 2009, Anima Negra Crianza was chosen as the top Spanish Wine in Ireland at the Wines of Spain trade tasting, the following year it was 2nd best- consistently excellent!

Anima Negra ÀN/2


A huge staff favourite and one of our best sellers for many years!   Produced on the isla..

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Anima Negra Quibia


50% Premsal, 50% Callet. Quibia, both indigenous varieties to the region. This wine has tropical aro..

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Anima Negra ÀN


Extremely well defined on the nose with aromas of raspberry, red currants, and cranberry. Chosen as ..

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