Blended Irish Whiskeys

In 1878, Dublin distillers John Jameson, William Jameson, George Roe and John Power joined forces to campaign for a strict legal definition of whiskey, a definition that would exclude anything that poured from a Coffey still. It was a style of whiskey that could be mixed with malt or pot still whiskey to make it lighter and more approachable. Most of all, it could be produced a lot faster… and cheaper.

The Dublin distillers weren’t successful and about 100 years later blended whiskey represented the vast majority whiskey being bottled on the island of Ireland. Thankfully, Irish malt and pot still is something that blends very well – witness the popularity of the nation’s largest selling whiskey, Jameson. 

Proper No. Twelve Whiskey New In

Proper No. Twelve Whiskey


The highly anticipated whiskey from the 'Notorious' UFC Champion and MMA star Conor McG..

€35.00 Ex Tax: €28.46

Roe & Co Curators Series 0.1 New In

Roe & Co Curators Series 0.1


A new release from Roe & Co. following the success of Roe & Co. Blended Whiskey. This releas..

€56.50 Ex Tax: €45.94

Sean's Bar Whiskey New In

Sean's Bar Whiskey


Named after Ireland's oldest bar, which is none other than Sean's Bar in Athlone. Sean's..

€39.50 Ex Tax: €32.11

Silkie Blended Irish Whiskey New In

Silkie Blended Irish Whiskey


Named after the mysterious Silkies, mythical sea maidens that legend says once lived off t..

€46.99 Ex Tax: €38.20

Slane Castle Triple Casked Irish Whiskey New In

Slane Castle Triple Casked Irish Whiskey


The second release under the Slane Castle Whiskey brand, this is an interesting blend that we think ..

€33.00 Ex Tax: €26.83

St Patricks Cask Strength Irish Whiskey New In

St Patricks Cask Strength Irish Whiskey


This is a powerful and flavour filled blended whiskey bottled by St Patrick's Distillery in Cork..

€79.99 Ex Tax: €65.03

Teeling Innis and Gunn Stout Cask New In

Teeling Innis and Gunn Stout Cask


A very interesting collaboration that was created by Teeling and the Edinburgh based Innis and Gunn ..

€55.00 Ex Tax: €44.72

Teeling Small Batch

70 cl

A first release of Irish Whiskey for the Teeling Whiskey Company. This is a blend of Irish grain and..

€38.99 Ex Tax: €31.70

The Dead Rabbit Whiskey New In

The Dead Rabbit Whiskey


Renowned for their carefully crafted cocktails and Irish coffees, the Dead Rabbit bar in New York ha..

€54.00 Ex Tax: €43.90

The Pogues Irish Whiskey


The official whiskey of the legendary Irish band. The Pogues is an unique blend of 50% triple-distil..

€35.99 Ex Tax: €29.26

The Pogues Single Malt New In

The Pogues Single Malt


From the well known Irish band The Pogues and West Cork Distillers, this a single malt, aged in..

€35.99 Ex Tax: €29.26

The Quiet Man Blended Traditional Irish Whiskey

A top quality blended whiskey from Niche Brands who have plans to build their own distillery in Derr..

€38.00 Ex Tax: €30.89

The Temple Bar Irish Whiskey


A fine blend of grain and malt whiskeys which have been aged in both bourbon and port barrels before..

€46.99 Ex Tax: €38.20

The Whistler Oloroso Sherry Cask Blend New In

The Whistler Oloroso Sherry Cask Blend


The first of three cask finished blends from the Boann Distillery's 'Whistler Irish Whiskey ..

€46.95 Ex Tax: €38.17

Tullamore Dew 12 year Old Special Reserve

70 cl

The whiskeys in the Tullamore Dew 12 Year Old Special Reserve have a very high concentration of pot ..

€47.95 Ex Tax: €38.98

Tullamore Dew 15 Year Old Trilogy Small Batch


A fantastic release from Tullamore Dew. This combines pot still, malt and grain whiskeys all togethe..

€70.95 Ex Tax: €57.68