Michael Collins Whiskey

Named after the legendary Irish revolutionary, Michael Collins Irish Whiskey was sourced at Cooley Distillery for the US market. Collins was nicknamed "the Big Fellow" and the packaging originally reflected that, coming in a bottle that was very hard to fit on the shelves of bars and whiskey shops before its redesign. When Beam bought Cooley, however, the supply stopped and the whiskey became harder and harder to find, much to the annoyance of its fans, who even set up a Bring Back Michael Collins Irish Whiskey Facebook page... Thankfully, we are able to source some stocks from time to time. And here's something for the Facebook fans to like: US spirits giant Sazerac very recently acquired the brand. We look forward to seeing how things develop. 

Michael Collins 10 Year Old Malt


Michael Collins 10 Year Old single malt has been made from lightly peated barley imparting a slightl..

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