Cachaca is made in Brazil and is very similar to rum. Unlike rum, which is usually made from molasses, Cachaca is made from the free run sugar cane juice and is either sold unaged or oak aged. It is hugely popular in Brazil and is the main ingredient in a Caipirina cocktail.

Fuba Cachaca


Fubá was created by brothers Rafael and Cassiano Agapito, who were determined to&nb..

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Velho Barreiro


This is Brazil's most famous Cachaça. This producer is located in the country side of Sao..

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Caipirinha Gabriel Boudier

70 cl

Probably the best pre-mixed Caiprinha on the market. A mix of young white cachaca, lime and sugar..

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Germana Traditional Cachaca 2 Year Old


A fantastic Cachaca that is aged for two years adding smoothnes and softness. This comes from German..

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