How Littlemill managed to cling on to existence in the latter half of the 1900's is a mystery. It was always a bit of an underdog yet had a valid claim to be the oldest whisky distillery in the world. It is said that Littlemill was founded as long ago as 1772 and it was situated in the town of Bowling in West Dumbartonshire. The location was pretty much on top of the 'highland' line, yet Littlemill has always been labelled as a Lowland malt, maybe because for much of its life the whisky was triple distilled. It is easy with hindsight to say that maybe switching to double distillation was a bad move because most of the whisky made recently has been a bit odd. At the best it can be compared to good Irish whiskey, at its worst it is pretty bad stuff (especially the peated malts that were labelled as Dunglass and Dumbuck. However there are some decent Independent bottlings floating around. The distillery closed in 1994, was dismantled in 1997 and then burned down in 2004.

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