Celtic Whiskey Auction

Posted by Julie Christie Tuesday 18th September 2018 0 Comment(s) Sláinte,

Celtic Whiskey Auction - The Online Auction from Ireland's Leading Irish Whiskey Experts


Calling all whiskey enthusiasts, collectors and aficionados alike, we are delighted to announce the latest addition to the Celtic Whiskey brand, Celtic Whiskey Auction — an online auction created by Ireland's leading Irish Whiskey experts which will launch on November 12th. 


It is no secret that Irish whiskey is the world's fastest-growing spirits category with exports up 14% in 2017 and are expected to grow in 2018. Similarly, the growing popularity of online auctions, in particular the Scotch whisky auction market. Which is why ourselves at Celtic Whiskey felt that it was high-time Irish whiskey got its own auction platform.


Celtic Whiskey Auction will predominately feature Irish whiskey as well as other world whiskies, spirits, wine & accessories. Promising to bring plenty of rare, collectable and unusual bottling’s, the auction will be kickstarted with a full set of Midleton Very Rare Whiskeys — years 1984 to 2017 — with an expected hammer price of over €40,000 as well as a hugely sought-after Macallan 50 Year Old that often sells for more than €60,000.


The Celtic Whiskey Auction will offer FREE valuations on all bottles giving everyone the opportunity to sell those dusty whiskies and spirits that have been hiding in the back of cupboards for years, decades or even centuries!


Sellers will have the opportunity to submit bottles to both the Celtic Whiskey Shop in Dublin and our sister business, the Celtic Whiskey Bar & Larder in Killarney by Friday 2nd November. The auction thereafter will begin on November 12th for two weeks and will close shortly after Ireland’s premier whiskey tasting event Whiskey Live Dublin on Monday 26th November at 8pm. The auction will be held in conjunction with Smith Kelly Scott Auctioneers — www.smithkellyscott.ie.


For more information on Celtic Whiskey Auction, visit www.celticwhiskeyauction.com and sign up to our newsletter!