Marsala is a wine produced in the wine region surrounding the Sicillian city of Marsala. It first received DOC status in 1969. The wine is usually fortiied in a similar way to Port, Madeira or Sherry. This addition of alcohol originates from its requirment to withstand long ocean voyages, but today is made like this due simply to popularity in foreign markets. Sometimes the city's natives drink 'vintage' Marsala, however all exported varieties tend to be fortified. Marsala is frequently used in cooking, especially in Italian dishes. A traditional typical Marsala sauce is made by reducing the wine down to almost a syrup with onions, then adding mushrooms and herbs. Chicken dusted in flour braised in a mixture of Marsala, butter, olive oil, mushrooms and spices makes a popular dish known as chicken marsala.

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Bartoli Vecchio Samperi New In

Bartoli Vecchio Samperi


The Marsala Wine. In 1980, Marco de Bartoli named his first wine Vecchio Samperi in honour of the la..

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Marco de Bartoli Marsala Superiore Oro Vigna La Miccia 5 Anni

50 cl

In 1982, de Bartoli created 'Vigna La Miccia', classified as an 'Oro' or gold Marsal..

€33.99 Ex Tax: €27.63

Martinez Marsala Superiore Dry Reserve

75 cl

Blended from Grillo and Catarato grapes and aged for over 5 years in oak, including some Sherry cask..

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Marco de Bartoli Marsala Superiore 1987

50 cl

The Superiore Reserva 1987 has gorgeous perfumed aromas. Produced with respect to "natural"..

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Marco de Bartoli Marsala Superiore Riserva 10 Anni

50 cl

These classic versions of Marsala Superiore differ in the way they're aged because of the additio..

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Marco de Bartoli Vecchio Samperi Ventennale

50 cl

To make Vecchio Samperi, the De Bartolis use the ancient perpetuum (or Soleras) method that, through..

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Martinez Marsala Superiore Sweet Reserve

75 cl

A blend of Grillo, Inzolia and Damaschino grapes and aged in casks for 5 years. Great as a dessert w..

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Marco de Bartoli Josephine Rouge

50 cl

This wine is named after Marco de Bartoli's mother who ran baglio Samperi before him. This is a ..

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