Cocktail Accessories

Fine Mesh Strainer (3730)

A high quality fine mesh strainer that is ideal for removing smaller coktail flavourings such as her..

€3.10 Ex Tax: €2.52

Flair Bottle White 750ml (3326)

A well balanced and indestructable flair bottle made from plastic. This is for bartenders or wannabe..

€16.30 Ex Tax: €13.25

G&T Spoon- 6 Inch (3664)

The perfect size and fit for making the best G&Ts. Comes with a twisted shaft and a crushing dis..

€3.70 Ex Tax: €3.01

Garnish Tweezers 300mm (3673)

Giant tweezers for adding garnishes, citrus wedges and other cocktail embelishments. Dimensions..

€9.75 Ex Tax: €7.93

Glass Dropper Bottle 20ml (3926)

A small brown glass dropper bottle. This is ideal for bitters, tinctures, essences and extracts. Ide..

€1.50 Ex Tax: €1.22

Gorky Strainer (3729)

A popular bar and cockail strainer. Dimensions: 20.9cm(L) x 7.8cm(H) x 8cm(D). Developed and de..

€5.00 Ex Tax: €4.07

Hawthorn Cocktail Strainer 2 Ear (3570)

A two eared strainer made from stainless steel. Perfect for home or bar use. Dimensions: 14.2cm..

€2.20 Ex Tax: €1.79

Hawthorn Cocktail Strainer 4 Ear (3571)

A stainless steel cocktail strainer with 4 ears and a wire coil. Dimensions: 15cm(L) x 11.7cm(W..

€2.50 Ex Tax: €2.03

Hawthorn Copper Strainer 4 Ear (3571c)

Show off your cocktail-making skill with this four ear copper-plated strainer. It is styli..

€4.50 Ex Tax: €3.66

Hudson Cocktail Spoon 450mm Copper (3677)

This is a balanced, long handled cocktail spoon with a twisted handle. Copper plated for a retro loo..

€9.00 Ex Tax: €7.32

Hudson Cocktail Spoon 450mm Stainless Steel (3675)

A balanced, long handled cocktail spoon with a twisted handle. 450mm long.  ..

€7.80 Ex Tax: €6.34

Ice Crusher (3301)

A sturdy and easy to use ice crusher with a vacuum base. Dimensions: 15.9cm(L) x 12.1cm(W) x 24..

€20.50 Ex Tax: €16.67

Ice Tongs Stainless Steel 7 inch (3586)

Stainless steel ice tongs. 7 inches in length. High quality and easy to use. Dimensions: 19cm(L..

€3.00 Ex Tax: €2.44

Julep Cup Stainless Steel 400ml (3666)

Perfect for making the famous mint julep cocktail or for use with Moscow Mules and other cocktails. ..

€9.65 Ex Tax: €7.85

Julep Strainer Copper Plated (3341)

This copper plated Julep strainer is ideal for making batches of the classic Kentuck Derby signature..

€4.50 Ex Tax: €3.66

Large Wooden Muddler 13 inch (3588)

A large wooden muddler for crushing limes and other cocktail ingredients. Limited stock available!&n..

€8.55 Ex Tax: €6.95