Cocktail and Bar Equipment

If you run a professional cocktail bar or if you just want to create a cocktail setup at home then we have everything you will need to add a touch of sophistication. Our fully comprehensive range of bar equipment includes all the special items you could possibly want. From shakers and muddlers to jiggers and strainers we have it all. 

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Cocktail and Bar Equipment

Stainless Steel Boston Tin (18oz) and Can (28oz) Set (3340)

The classic Boston style shaker with an 18oz tin and 28oz can. Great for mixing large capacity cockt..

€6.90 Ex Tax: €5.61

Stainless Steel Champagne Bucket- 5 litre (3512)

A high quality stainless steel Champagne buckt. 5 litre capacity. Dimensions: 22.4cm(H) x 20.5c..

€16.75 Ex Tax: €13.62

Stainless Steel Julep Strainer (3587)

A standard stainless steel julep strainer. Ideal for all types of cocktails that require straining.&..

€2.50 Ex Tax: €2.03

Stainless Steel Piccolo Cocktail Shaker 600ml (3355)

A three piece standard cocktail shaker with cap and pourer. Made from high quality stainless steel.&..

€9.50 Ex Tax: €7.72

Stainless Steel Round Drip Tray 6" (3507)

Made from high quality stainless steel. This 6 inch diameter drip tray is ideal for single bottles o..

€5.00 Ex Tax: €4.07

Stainless Steel Scorpion Strainer (3978) New In

Stainless Steel Scorpion Strainer (3978)

A stylish Stainless Steel Strainer in the shape of a scorpion. It keeps cocktails smooth and stops l..

€10.50 Ex Tax: €8.54

Stainless Steel Wine Cooler (3533)

An easy to use wine cooler that keeps bottles cold for approximately an hour. Made from high quality..

€11.50 Ex Tax: €9.35

Stainless Stell Waiters Friend (3490) New In

Stainless Stell Waiters Friend (3490)

The classic waiter's friend corkscrew. High quality, quick and easy to use. ..

€2.60 Ex Tax: €2.11

Standard Shelf Bracket (70cl/1 litre) (3201)

Made to hold either 70cl or 1 litre spirits bottles and for use with optic style measures. A profess..

€4.55 Ex Tax: €3.70

Steel Banded Measure 25/50/35ml NGS (3179)

A double sided steel jigger with measures for 25ml, 35ml and 50ml. Attractive and easy to use. This ..

€6.20 Ex Tax: €5.04

Steel Jigger Measure 25/50ml NGS (3178)

A non government stamped jigger measure that is ideal for cocktail bars and home use. 25ml on one si..

€2.80 Ex Tax: €2.28

Steel Thimble Measure 125ml CE Graded (3190)

A CE marked thimble measure for 125ml. Prescribed for measures of whiskey, gin, vodka and rum. Made ..

€6.00 Ex Tax: €4.88

Steel Thimble Measure 175ml CE Graded (3191)

A CE graded thimble measure for 175ml. Officially prescribed for measuring whiskey, vodka, gin and r..

€7.00 Ex Tax: €5.69

Steel Thimble Measure 200ml CE Graded (3194)

A high quality 200ml stainless steel thimble measure. These are made in the UK and are CE graded for..

€7.60 Ex Tax: €6.18

Steel Thimble Measure 250ml CE Graded (3193)

A CE graded thimble measure for 250ml. These are made from high grade stainless steel in the UK and ..

€8.30 Ex Tax: €6.75

Steel Thimble Measure 25ml CE Graded (3175)

This CE marked thimble measure is approved for use with whiskey, rum, gin and vodka. 25ml capacity, ..

€2.00 Ex Tax: €1.62