Cocktail and Bar Equipment

If you run a professional cocktail bar or if you just want to create a cocktail setup at home then we have everything you will need to add a touch of sophistication. Our fully comprehensive range of bar equipment includes all the special items you could possibly want. From shakers and muddlers to jiggers and strainers we have it all. 

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Cocktail and Bar Equipment

Steel Thimble Measure 35ml CE Stamped (3189)

A standard 35ml measure that is CE marked for use in general bar use. Good for measure all spirits i..

€3.00 Ex Tax: €2.44

Steel Thimble Measure 50ml CE Graded (3176)

This CE marked thimble measure is approved for use with whiskey, rum, gin and vodka. 25ml capacity, ..

€4.00 Ex Tax: €3.25

Stemmed Mixing Glass 650ml (3923)

An attractive stemmed mixing glass for cocktail stirring and preparation. This has a capacity of 650..

€17.85 Ex Tax: €14.51

Straight Copper Plated Mini Jigger NGS (3168)

A stylish small jigger measure that is not government stamped but does have internal measurements fo..

€6.00 Ex Tax: €4.88

The Grail Jigger by Tom Dyer (3662)

A non government stamped jigger that is ideal for cocktails and for flair moves. Comes marked with i..

€14.00 Ex Tax: €11.38

Thimble Measure 35.5ml CE Marked (3188SV)

A standard Irish 35.5ml size measure. CE stamped and approved for use with whiskey, rum, vodka and g..

€4.00 Ex Tax: €3.25

Thimble Measure 71ml CE Marked (3174SV)

A CE stamped 71ml measure for use with spirits such as whiskey, gin, vodka and rum. Made from high g..

€5.00 Ex Tax: €4.07

Three Brush Glass Washer (3521)

A three brush glass washer for bar and restaurant use. Easy and quick to use.  ..

€12.50 Ex Tax: €10.16

Three Part Bar Organiser Black (3473)

An attractive and convenient bar organiser in black plastic. This has three compartments for holding..

€6.00 Ex Tax: €4.88

Three Part Glass Rimmer (3597)

For adding sugar, salt or spice rims to cocktail glasses. This clever three compartment device conta..

€8.50 Ex Tax: €6.91

Tulip Ice Bucket 4.5 Litre (3496)

A classic tulip shaped ice bucket made from high quality stainless steel. 4.5 litres/8 pints in capa..

€18.00 Ex Tax: €14.63

Twin Lever Corkscrew (3528)

A favourite for casual wine drinkers and an essential for any home. This twin lever corkscrew made n..

€3.20 Ex Tax: €2.60

Vacu Vin Wine Pump Including Two Sealers (8121)

A wine pump and sealing system that creates a vacuum within the vacant space left in a wine bottle. ..

€18.50 Ex Tax: €15.04

Vacu Vin Wine Sealers 2 Pack (8405)

A pack of two stoppers for use with the Vacu Vin wine pump.  ..

€6.20 Ex Tax: €5.04

Vogue Spirit Measure 35.5ml (3083V)

Government stamped for use in Ireland. This revolutionary no-drip design will dispense a single 35.5..

€13.00 Ex Tax: €10.57

Waiter's Friend Bottle Opener Burgundy (3520)

The classic waiter's friend style wine opener. Comes with penknife style foil cutter blade and a..

€2.80 Ex Tax: €2.28