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We stock a huge range of spirits from producers around the world. Over the years we have carefully picked out our favourites, but we are still on the lookout for more! We love gin, rum, tequila, mezcal and even vodka, aquavit and absinthe.

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Other Spirits

Bristol Haiti 2004 Rum


Haiti 2004 Reserve Rum is produced by Société Du Rhum Barbancourt from cane juice then..

€83.00 Ex Tax: €67.48

Bristol Nicaragua 1999 Rum


Nicaragua 1999 Reserve Rum Column distillation and early shipment in bulk to the UK and then filling..

€135.00 Ex Tax: €109.76

Brockmans Gin


Created by a group of friends with a passion for gin and an array of drinks industry experience! Bot..

€57.00 Ex Tax: €46.34

Brugal Anejo Rum


A five year old rum which has been matured in ex-Bourbon American barrels. Notes of toasted oak, cho..

€49.00 Ex Tax: €39.84

Brugal Blanco Supremo Rum


A white rum from the Dominican Republic which has been aged for at least one year, resulting in ligh..

€52.00 Ex Tax: €42.28

Brugal XV Reserva Rum


A fine blend of rums from the Dominican Republic. To make this XV expression they choose a range of ..

€47.99 Ex Tax: €39.01

Bulldog Gin


A multi-award winning classic London Dry style gin handcrafted at an English distillery which has be..

€39.00 Ex Tax: €31.71

Bunratty Mead 5cl


The delicious Bunratty Mead in miniature form! This is a medium-sweet mead made from an ancient..

€5.50 Ex Tax: €4.47

Bunratty Potcheen


A light and fresh tasting potcheen from Bunratty Castle. This potcheen was one of the first to be le..

€33.00 Ex Tax: €26.83

Byrrh Grand Quinquina


A bitter and old fashioned styled fortified wine that will add sophisticated complexity to any ..

€38.50 Ex Tax: €31.30

C'est Nous Basil Cucumber Apple Gin New In

C'est Nous Basil Cucumber Apple Gin

C'est Nous Basil Cucumber Apple Gin is a light and refreshing gin made from neutral al..

€48.00 Ex Tax: €39.02

Cabo Wabo Reposado


Great quality Reposado tequila from a family owned producer. Named after the famous Mexican holiday ..

€69.95 Ex Tax: €56.87

Caffe Borghetti


Characterised by a special blend of the best Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from different countri..

€30.00 Ex Tax: €24.39

Caleno Dark & Spicy


Join the flavour fiesta with this golden and spicy non-alcoholic Colombian rum! This rum is packed w..

€27.50 Ex Tax: €22.36

Caleno Light Zesty


A zesty non-alcoholic Colombian rum from Caleno Drinks! This rum is made from a lively blend of Inca..

€27.50 Ex Tax: €22.36

Calvados 15 Year Old Chateau de Breuil


An after-dinner style of Calvados that has been aged for 15 years in aged barrels. This is made from..

€68.00 Ex Tax: €55.28